2 Months of Marriage!

September 20, 2012

We’ve been married two months!  I must admit that it’s been a better second month than the first month.  The first month was a bit stressful with running around getting my name changed, accounts merged and everything in between all while dealing with the fact that – holy crap – I’m now someone’s wife

The first month felt like it was all business and no pleasure.  Apparently it’s not uncommon to miss that whole “wedded bliss” thing right off the bat.  Sure, I was happy to be Mrs. H., but I just wanted the legal, boring work to be over and done with so we could go on with our happily ever after!  While we’re still fighting to get our car insurance straightened out (it’s been one big nightmare too long to discuss here), things have been a lot more easygoing around here this month.  It’s been…blissful.  Sometimes I look over at Mike and think “Wow!  I actually get to be married to this guy!”  And this guy did something pretty sweet for me yesterday.

Apparently he and one of his work buddies must have been talking about what the wives watch on TV because over dinner Tuesday night, Mike was telling me his buddy was letting me borrow the first three seasons of The Big Bang Theory.  So last night when Mike came home from work, I found the DVD’s on the kitchen table.  Mike isn’t a fan of the show.  Sure he’ll sing “Soft Kitty” every once in a while when I need to be cheered up because I can’t keep a straight face when he sings it, but he just doesn’t see what’s so funny when I’m sitting on the couch cracking up.  But he still brought me home three seasons because I love the show.  And apparently he loves me enough to endure three seasons of me laughing over something Dr. Sheldon Cooper said even though he thinks Jim Parsons looks like a praying mantis.

Don’t worry, mister.  Sheldon Cooper’s got nothing on you.  Besides, I hear he’s not into girls.

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