2012 Year in Review

December 29, 2012

It’s been some year!  There’s been a lot of excitement and adventures, including one that took me from Ms. to Mrs.  So as 2012 turns into 2013, I’m taking a look back at my year.

January: I got engaged!  It’s hard to believe it’ll be a year on the 11th that Mike went from my boyfriend to my fiance.  It’s almost harder to believe that on the 8th we’ll be together for five years!

February: I hardly blogged in February!  But I wrote a post about the simple things in life and how, as you get older, certain things change.  Like how I now tend to go to bed the same time that I was leaving the house to start my night when I was younger!

March: I made some awesome bleu cheese burgers topped with jalapeno poppers inspired by The Chew.  These were seriously good burgers!  In fact, I should make these again soon.  We just happen to have a box of poppers in the freezer!

April: I won a $100 gift card from one of my favorite markets, Livoti’s.  I got to have a delicious shopping spree with that gift card and pulled out all the stops for my parents’ birthdays.  $100 goes a long way in that store so I walked out with an overload of groceries!

May: After six years of working for a company I had grown with, I was laid off.  But I left on good terms and still maintain friendships with some of the women I worked with.

June: I started my new found freedom by doing a couple things that used to scare me like dining alone and took a walk in the park by myself.  It ended up being a really relaxing morning!

July: I got married!  I’m still getting used to being someone’s wife.  Being part of this permanent partnership can be a struggle at times, but in the end it’s so worth it.  I can’t imagine being with anyone other than my husband.

August: I got my very first brand new car.  It was my wedding gift from Mike.  I couldn’t ask for a better gift after all the trouble I had as a used car owner.  I think Mike was just sick of being my constant mechanic!  My Fusion’s a good little car.

September: And just like that, my car went from brand spanking new to dented!  It was an accident that was out of my control.  It happened while my car was parked in front of my house.  Thankfully the dent wasn’t that horrendous, my neighbor was in the right place at the right time and we got a check from the man who hit me.

October: Hurricane Sandy gave us a beating, but we fared well.  There was a lot of damage around us like uprooted trees and downed power lines.  We didn’t have water (that sucked!), but we had power.  We definitely made it out of the storm a lot better than other people around us.  We got lucky.

November: I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving from my faith, to my husband, my family, home, health and more.

December: I made the decision to go gluten free for health reasons.  The holiday season has made it hard to keep a strict gluten free diet, but I’m trying my hardest to ease some of my tummy troubles.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for me!  In the meantime, I should start thinking about all of my goals and aspirations for the new year!


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