2013 Year in Review

December 30, 2013

Where did 2013 go?  I discussed this recently and looking back, it was quite a year!  Here’s a look back at some bits and pieces from my 2013.


I started off with resolutions.  I don’t believe in starting to make changes on January 1st since we have the opportunity to do so every day.  However, I like to set goals for the year.  If I don’t achieve them, so be it.  One of my goals was to craft more (I certainly did!) and I started 2013 by posting a tutorial for an Upcycled T-shirt Infinity Scarf.

I also celebrated 5 years of being together with my husband.  I look forward to many more years with him!

I talked about some of my concerns about big changes we were discussing.  My mindset has completely changed on certain subjects.  So we’re taking things day-by-day and have the mindset of “if it happens, it happens,” but we both agree it’s not the end of the world if certain things don’t happen for us.  We’re happy, just us two.


I may only be married a year (some days it definitely feels longer than that), but I shared some things I’ve learned from marriage.  One very important lesson has been that you may lose patience, but don’t ever lose your understanding for each other.

I shared some things I’m not into when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

My husband had even more reason to be the best husband in the world when he dug me a garden plot.


I still want pink hair.  I do.  If I could get away with it, I would have cotton candy colored hair.

I faced my fears, took a yoga class and went to breakfast by myself.  I also shared 10 reasons you should practice yoga.

I had my first Whole Foods experience.  I’m still a Trader Joe’s girl.


We started dreading the 17 Year Swarm.  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered the first time around!

I became a Green Thumb and Bunny Whisperer.

My father went in for valve replacement heart surgery (major stuff!) and it got me thinking about the importance of heart health.


I shared my wedding story on the This Moment Events blog.

I gave you a glance into my garden.  I miss it so much!

The cicadas made their return and, yes, I touched them (or rather their shells, in this post).

I kicked off the unofficial start to summer with a free concert featuring Ed Sheeran, Gavin DeGraw and Sara Bareilles.


I got to visit Lancaster again.  It will be nice to go back out there once spring arrives.

My husband took me horseback riding.  We need to go riding again.  It was such a fun date!

We took a walk on the beach and got to witness some of the destruction from Superstorm Sandy.  That boardwalk still hasn’t been repaired.


I shared one of my most successful blog posts on How to Conquer Jealousy in the Blogosphere.

I interviewed Kitty from Red’s Lobster Pot in Point Pleasant, NJ about her recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  She’s become a great friend to the blog and I can’t wait to go back to her restaurant this summer for those incredible lobster rolls!

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary.  There are days that I still can’t believe I’m a married woman!

I turned 32 and went to my first country music concert.  Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert were so good!


My sisters treated me to a birthday celebration on the boardwalk.  That was such a fun day!  We played in the arcade, visited the aquarium a couple times and ate ice cream.

We do romance our own way.

I had a great overnight stay in Atlantic City where I stopped being a scaredy-cat and gambled for the first time.


My favorite little dance partner and Mary Poppins fan was born.  While I adore my niece, her birth made me realize that my baby fever has cooled off significantly.

We took a family trip to the farm to pick fruit.  Mom and I also managed to drink wine together.  On a farm.  We’re classy like that.

Oh Lancaster.  It’s even more beautiful in the fall.  Check out day 1 and 2 of my last trip there.


I went apple picking with my sisters and attended a Pumpkin Fest.

I took a look back at Superstorm Sandy a year later.  I’m so glad we had a break from hurricanes this year!

I love Girls Night Out in Downtown Westfield!  It’s such a great night out to support local business and take advantage of event discounts.

My husband and I took a trip to the farm and decorated pumpkins.


My sister-in-law took me to a beautiful spot near her home so I could take some fall photos.

My husband took me for a hike in the woods because I hadn’t had enough fall foliage photos yet!

I gave thanks for all the good in my life.


I couldn’t wait to put out the Christmas decorations!

I had one of those nothing-too-extraordinary-but-perfect days.

HOLY CRAP!  SO MUCH SNOW!  Let me remind you that winter just started.

Happy New Year!


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