32 Lessons

July 29, 2013

Today is my 32nd birthday.  I have embraced my 30’s wholeheartedly.  I have learned so much within these past couple of years.  In life, there are so many lessons to be learned.  Because of these lessons, we grow, become more accepting of things in life and become better individuals. Today I want to share some of the lessons I have learned. 32 of them, to be exact.

  1. Love with your whole heart.
  2. Start each morning with prayer.
  3. Appreciate nature at least once a day.
  4. You can never have enough books.
  5. Be happy with the person you are; if you’re not happy, make a change.
  6. Let go of the past; it has no hold on your future.
  7. Manners never go out of style.
  8. A garden is a beautiful way to connect with the Earth.
  9. Never be afraid to talk things out and speak what’s on your mind.
  10. Be mindful of what you put into your body.
  11. Learn that not everyone is going to like you and be okay with that.
  12. All things happen in good time.
  13. Learn how to weed out the bullshit.
  14. It’s good to unplug from the internet and social media every now and then.
  15. Let go of judgement.
  16. Be comfortable in your own skin; every lovely inch of it.
  17. Become a great cook and baker; men love it!
  18. Gossip is tempting; it’s best to mind your own business.
  19. Find your inner zen.
  20. Know who are your true friends.
  21. Work hard, do your best at everything and you will find success in life.
  22. Absence makes the heart grow fonder; it’s okay to spend a girl’s night away from your husband and not feel guilty about it.
  23. It’s okay to say “no.”
  24. Be grateful everyday.
  25. Find someone who makes you laugh.
  26. Trust your path in life.
  27. Don’t beat yourself up for gaining a few pounds; you can always lose them.
  28. Make a get-out-of-debt plan, stick to it and find your own financial stability.
  29. It’s never too late to start having fun in life.
  30. You’ve got to have faith: whether it’s through spirituality or your own soul, have faith that things will always work out for the best.
  31. Learn how to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.
  32. Never regret anything that has happened in your life; those experiences helped to mold you into the person you are today.

As I celebrate my 32nd year of life, I am so grateful for this past year.  I have become a wife and a homemaker and have never felt closer to my husband.  I have met some great friends and obtained some wonderful opportunities through blogging.  I have genuinely grabbed life by the cojones and let go of certain things that held me back.  I don’t look at birthdays with grim feelings about getting older.  I look at birthdays as an opportunity to start fresh, grow and become a little wiser.  
Welcome, 32.


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