34 Goals for 34

August 5, 2015

34 Goals for 34

I recently shared the lessons I learned at age 33.  As I’ve freshly turned 34, I decided to create a list of 34 things I want to accomplish at this age. There’s nothing major on this list like traveling to far away places or making any sort of major life change.  They’re pretty much everyday goals that can be achieved.  The nice thing about blogging, is having a spot to put all of these goals so I can come back and revisit my list!

  1. Be a good dog mama | Have I mentioned that we’re getting a puppy at the end of August?  Our little Cairn Terrier will be coming home at just 8 weeks old.  I am overly excited and yet so nervous!  It’ll just be me and our little guy most of the day, so I want to make sure I train him correctly and remember to love through the frustration.  I’ve been asking, “Is this what it’s like to prepare for a baby?” 
  2. Get back into shape | I can’t help but think that blogging is making me fat.  I took it on full-time this year and between blogging, contributing, and designing projects, I’ve gone back to a rather sedentary lifestyle.  So I’ve started working out again with my husband to whip my butt back into shape!
  3. Eat better | It’s not that I really eat bad.  I just need to choose some healthier alternatives.
  4. Better time management | I feel like I get a lot done during the day, but not enough.  I need to schedule my time better and even more now that we’ll have our puppy soon.
  5. Maintain/surpass blog stats | When I had one of my posts become a SoFab ad on Facebook, my page views skyrocketed.  Once the ad ended, my page views began to drop, and drop, and drop some more.  I’d love to build up those stats again.
  6. Increase blog audience | I want more readers who come back again and again.  I’d love to build the audience I once had when I started blogging.  It wasn’t just commenting for a comment.  I had an audience of readers that I genuinely got to know through my blog.
  7. More blog opportunities | I want to pitch to more brands and companies I’d like to work with and find more blogging jobs.
  8. Be a better blog reader | I used to be SO good at reading and commenting on blogs I followed.  I feel like I’ve been so caught up in my own blog and schedule that I find myself skimming through posts.  I want to make time for more of your content.
  9. Read more, in general | I have so many books on my to-read list.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to read #GIRLBOSS.  It’s loaded on my Kindle and ready to go!  Again, I need to make time for this.
  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff | There are much bigger problems happening in the world and I need to remember that.  
  11. Increase Darby Smart sales | I haven’t been too impressed with my sales lately.  Maybe I just haven’t had as much time to promote.  Either way, I would love to increase sales on my Darby Smart projects.
  12. Create, create, create! | This one’s not too hard for me, but I would like to create more projects with supplies that I already have on hand.  It’s going to be hard since there’s a brand new Michael’s opening very close to my house!
  13. Stop biting my nails | I’m trying.  It’s a disgusting habit, but one I’ve had forever.  I’m doing pretty good so far, but I’m still toying with the idea of getting them done to give me even more reason not to bite.
  14. Make home updates | We’ve got to get Puppy H. settled first, but there are a few things I definitely want to get done around here.
  15. New tattoo | I’m feeling the itch again and have a couple ideas of what I want in mind.
  16. Make time for yoga | I used to roll out my mat about two times a day!  I used to have such a great yoga routine.  Then it just stopped.  I felt so good after yoga (and it helped me lose weight), so I’d love to get back into it.
  17. Try not to kill all of the houseplants | I don’t know what happened.  I recently had a bunch of my succulents die on me and I don’t know why.  So I want to replace them and keep them alive!
  18. Don’t take everything so personal | This is a hard one.  That status on Facebook?  I’m sure it was about me.  Two people laughed in my presence?  They must have been joking about me.  Thank you, anxiety for making me a basketcase.
  19. Update my wardrobe (and not with yoga pants and t-shirts) | I hate my Summer wardrobe, but I love most of my Fall/Winter stuff.  I’d love to update my closet with pieces I can wear year ’round without looking like a workout poser.
  20. Be a better wife | I think I take pretty good care of my guy, but like every relationship – there’s always room for improvement.
  21. Fall back in love daily | Even those days when I want to strangle him, I want to find a reason to fall in love all over again.
  22. Make more time for friends and family | My days have been full and with puppy coming, I don’t know what to expect.  But I would love to make more time for my friends and family.
  23. Go someplace new | Whether it’s a new restaurant, hiking trail, farm, museum, or travel destination, I want to visit someplace new.
  24. Reestablish my gratitude journal | I used to have a great practice of writing in a gratitude journal every night.  It helped me to recall the positive moments out of my day instead of focusing on what may have gone wrong.
  25. Write more letters, not e-mails | I love sending and receiving handwritten letters, but lately I’ve been really bad about writing my friends.  I have a small stack of letters to get to, so I want to send those off and keep up with new ones.
  26. Be even better with spending/saving | I am thankful for sponsored posts because they’ve helped me build my account up, but I’m hungry for more!  I want to think about my purchases before I make them, as well.  I’ve definitely had a few cases of buyer’s remorse lately.
  27. Keep up with checkups | I’ve completely avoided all of my doctors.  I’m due for some checkups!
  28. Less judgement, more kindness | I admit that I can be a “mean girl” at times.  I try to be good and kind towards others, but sometimes I get a little Regina George.
  29. Pray more | I try to start my day with prayer.  It’s become a routine.  But there are so many other times during the day I can pause and be grateful.
  30. Practice photography | I feel like I’ve gotten better with my photography, but I still have so much to learn when it comes to styling.  
  31. Straighten out website kinks | It takes a lot of work to run a website.  I’m doing my best, but there’s still so much behind-the-scenes type work needed to be done.
  32. Clean one room a day | I’m not a dirty person.  Our house is pretty immaculate.  However, there have definitely been areas that have been neglected.  I need to get back into cleaning at least one room a day to keep on top of things.
  33. Build confidence | With falling out of shape, my confidence has fallen as well.  I need to build it up again and feel great about myself.
  34. Donate time/goods/blood | I missed the past two local blood drives and hope I get to one soon.  If I can’t donate time or money, I hope I can also donate goods.  It’s nice to give back every once in a while.

What are some goals you currently want to accomplish?


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