A Beautiful Morning Spent Horseback

June 13, 2013

My husband has been off of work this week so we made plans to go horseback riding at the Silver Bit and Spur Farm in Whitehouse Station. We pulled up to the stables before 11 to find the owner.  We were told he wasn’t due back for another few minutes and to take a look around. We walked the stalls and met a man who frequents the farm with his two year old daughter.  He knew the ins-and-outs of the place and told us a little about the farm and the area in general. It’s certainly a small world because he used to live in our area before moving to Hunterdon County.  We met the owner when he got back, paid him for our ride and got our horses.

The last time I went horseback riding I was just a young girl going to a farm with a friend and her family.  We were given helmets, saddled up, taught the basics about riding and took a trail ride with a guide.  I was pretty surprised when hubby mounted Bitsy, I mounted Rosa, we got a short lesson on what to do if the horses got stubborn on us and were sent on our way.  Alone.  That was unexpected, but totally cool with us.

Hubby and Bitsy took the lead.  It wasn’t long into our trail ride that I realized Rosa and I should have probably taken charge of the ride.  Bitsy is not one to listen to orders.  She wasn’t having any of hubby’s directions.  Rosa, however, was such a sweet girl.  She listened like a gem even when she wanted to stop for sips of water and nibbles of tall grass.  I got her to move away from her trail snacks and we continued our peaceful ride through the woods and around the pasture.  

The entire trail ride took about an hour.  I am still pretty amazed we had that much freedom with the horses.  It was a great experience and I’m glad I got to share such a special morning with my husband (Bitsy and Rosa, too).


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