A Day in Lancaster, PA

October 13, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day in Lancaster, PA with my cousin.  It was my third or forth time in Amish country, but it never gets old.  Our first stop was an Amish farm and house tour.  After the three hours we spent there, I’m pretty sure we could have spent all day on the farm.  When you first check in for the tour, you’re allowed to roam the farm until the tour starts.  We visited some of the sites and made our way to the animal pen where we both fell completely in love with the goats.  We took some pictures and then met Ms. Katie in the schoolhouse to learn about an Amish school day.
Soon after that it was time to make our way to the house tour.  We learned about the Amish home and how their practices and beliefs differ from the English.  It’s so interesting to see how simple the Amish live in such a complicated, fast-paced world.  After the tour, we went back to the farm.  We couldn’t get enough of the goat pen!  During our second visit to the goat pen, we found some baby goats roaming free.  They were friendly and adorable and I want one!  We soon realized that we had spent a good chunk of time there so we hit the gift shop, then left to do some shopping.
While I’m out in Lancaster, I like to do some big time food shopping.  The farmer’s markets around the area provide a wide variety of food and goodies for low prices.  We always pack a big cooler because we end up buying a ton of groceries!  This trip was no different.  I loaded up on meats and vegetables, rice, baking mix, soup mix, jarred goods, sweets and more!
After all of that food shopping, I still had money to spend at Tanger Outlets where I got a great deal on not one, but two watches and two sweaters.  We rounded off our trip with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  And it never fails – just as soon as we get home from Lancaster, we end up talking about planning our next trip!


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