A New Direction

December 31, 2013

It was during senior year that I discovered my love for writing.  Maybe it was my teenage angst or maybe it was the creative outlet that my senior English class offered me, but from then on I have felt the need to just write. There have been notebooks filled with copious amounts of poetry, numbers of handwritten letters mailed in decorated envelopes, journal entries and ultimately the creation of this blog.  While I’ve felt this blog has lost its original purpose and direction from time to time, it’s become my home.
I think when anyone starts a blog it’s not to gain a following or internet exposure, but to have an outlet to express themselves.  This past year I have written a fair share of reviews – something I would have never thought I would be doing when I opened Blogger for the first time.  I enjoy discovering new brands and bringing their products to my readers, but ultimately sponsored posts are not what this blog is about.
While I will continue to do sponsored posts, this blog is about me.  However, there have been so many things I’ve held back on this blog because I have been afraid of over-sharing.  But then again, this is my home.  If you can’t communicate within your own home, where can you open up?  If I feel fear or anger, a moment of sadness or pure joy and happiness, I want to share that.  I want to document these feelings and memories and not hold caution because these things are being exposed on the internet.  Of course there are certain moments in my life that I will keep private.  Certain things should be kept within yourself.  But I want to be more open and honest, not only with myself but with my blog and its readers.
I want to thank my readers – the new and the old and the ones that keep coming back for more.  I want to give you reason to want to come back, but it will be okay if you chose not to.  This place is not about stats or rankings.  I’ll go ahead and say it again – it’s about me.  Take it or leave it.
Thank you for taking this journey with me. It has been another great year of blogging.  I look forward to what 2014 brings to Living La Vida Holoka.  May the New Year bring you only the best and the brightest!


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