A Story of Kindness…and Homemade Pickles

July 21, 2014

Let me tell you a story about a Saturday morning.  A story of kindness and generosity, of small gestures and big smiles, of neighbors and friendship.  It began with some over-the-fence chit-chat with my neighbor the other day.  We were comparing gardens and sharing stories of vegetable growth when I was asked if I wanted to take some cucumbers off of their hands.  So over the fence I was handed two cucumbers.  I was told they were the pickling variety, but the neighbors had been enjoying them just as they were.  

I planned to pick up pickling spices the next day at my favorite spice shop to make my first ever batch of homemade pickles.  Because my recent visits to the shop have been to stock up on vanilla beans for jam-making, I also decided to bring along jars of homemade jam to share with my friends at the shop.  My small gesture was received with so much excitement!  It made me smile to share my homemade goodies with them.  After sharing my gifts of berry jam, I asked about pickling spices.  I had a bag of the shop’s pickling spice made up for me and was also directed to a jar of dill seed.  I took both to the counter to pay and that’s when I was pleasantly surprised to learn my total only included the dill seed.  I was given the pickling spices to try (support local business and they’ll support you right back!).  So nice! 

I took my new spices happily home and got to work on my pickles.  I sliced my cucumbers into chips and set them aside.  In a pot, I added some water and white vinegar, some pickling spices and chopped garlic.  I had some jars preparing for canning in another pot of boiling water.  I cooked my pickling spice concoction until it started to become fragrant.  I placed my cucumbers equally between three jars and topped them off with my newly seasoned pickle juice.  I added some of the spice from the bottom of the pot and sealed the jars.

I can’t wait to finish the jar of pickles we currently have in the fridge so we can try our homemade pickles!  There was a lot of love put into these little jars from the friendly gesture from our neighbors to the nice surprise from the spice shop!

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