A Virtual Stroll Through Our Garden

June 4, 2014

With the harsh winter New Jersey had this past year, I was worried our rose and berry bushes would take a beating.  I was wrong.  Our berry bushes have grown twice the size they were last year and seem to be producing twice as many berries!  I keep joking that I’ll put a “pick-your-own” sign on our front lawn.  Our roses just recently started to bud and bloom, opening to expose such vibrant colors and fragrant petals.

A recent trip to flower shop with my mother allowed me to finish off decorating our front steps with flowers.  I can’t get enough of my Black Cat Petunias purchased from a local greenhouse.  I found two beautiful glazed ceramic pots on sale over the weekend as well as a fern and fiery orange Impatiens to plant inside them.
I also purchased marigolds on that trip, a natural pest deterrent.  They were planted in the ground in our backyard earlier this week.  They seem to flourish in our yard becoming as big as small bushes!

Our garden is really starting to thrive.  Our garlic will be ready to pick in about another month or so.  Our first row of beets should be ready in just another week or two (I’m so excited!).  Our kale and spinach has taken off.  I need to clip it back and make a fresh saute or salad.  I just wish it didn’t get so “buggy.”  Any tips for natural pesticides to keep the critters away?  We pulled the last of our radishes over the weekend and probably won’t plant anymore until towards the end of the season.  We have two types of peppers and tomatoes in the ground that are just starting to bud.  We loved frying up our peppers in dishes last summer.  And nothing beats a Jersey tomato!

We also have our collection of herb pots and hanging plants and the succulents on the deck.  It’s lovely to see our hard work paying off.  Nothing is better than picking fresh greens, fruits and veggies right from the backyard.  It’s healthier, tastes better and helps pinch pennies!  And the sense of accomplishment as your seeds and little plants start to blossom lends a real sense of pride as you sit back and admire the work you put in that nature took a hand in creating.


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