A Week Before Christmas

December 18, 2010

‘Twas a week before Christmas,
And all through the house,
I was stirring up cookies,
Good enough for a mouse.
A 4 foot stocking was filled
And put under the tree
In hopes that Christmas morning
It will be enjoyed by Mikey.
Awake early in the morning
No time to stay in bed,
‘Cause visions of unmade goodies,
Hammer away in my head.
Paper scattered across the living room,
Presents still unwrapped,
I can’t wait until I’m finished,
I sure could use a nap.
When back in the kitchen,
Arose such a clatter,
Mike was caught poking around
In my chocolate chip batter.
“Up on the Rooftop”
Girls and boys sing with glee,
As I wonder Christmas morning
If Santa will need a key.
So I’ll beckon him with sugar cookies,
Not the ones that are peanut-free
For those will be set aside
For my nephew, Anthony.
With so much left to do,
There’s been no time for blogging,
No time for hot chocolate,
Or a ride in a toboggan.
But it’s all part of the season,
The preparation and stress,
And in the end it makes
A very Merry Christmas!


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