July 25, 2012

This is basically how I feel right now.  My list of post-marital things to do keeps on growing and it’s making my head spin.  Just when I think I’m getting closer to the bottom of my list, I think up a few other things that need to be done.  Thank goodness for notebooks and check lists!  

I went to City Hall yesterday and picked up a copy of our marriage license.  Mike brought home insurance forms to fill out.  I spent my day today between Social Security and the DMV.  I was dreading going to both places, but I was surprisingly in and out faster than I thought I would be.  If I was in the Social Security office for 30 minutes that was a lot.  My mother had previously told me a horror story about her last visit there.  Her advice – bring a book because I would be there for a few hours.  I didn’t even crack my book open once!  

Since I wasn’t in the SS office long, I decided to get my license changed and went to the DMV.  I was there for about an hour, which isn’t bad considering previous trips.  While that won’t be my last trip there (we’re looking for a new car and I need to change my registration), I got my name change updated on my license and renewed it so I won’t have to go back in September.   I feel productive, but I also feel like I’m on a treadmill that keeps running and I can’t catch up!  

On top of everything, I decided to change my e-mail address to reflect my name change. I’ve been changing my e-mail on every account I can think of so I can eventually delete my old e-mail address.  Let’s not forget that I still need to edit and e-mail photos and finish our thank you cards.  I feel grateful that I no longer have to work because I don’t know how I would get all of this done with a full-time job!  
But in the end, it’s all worth it.  I thought I’d be a little sad that our wedding and reception are over, but it’s getting better by the day.  I love talking about my husband and I love hearing Mike introduce me as his wife.  I don’t think Mike and I have been happier and happier to be with each other.  All of this work is worth the wedded bliss.

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