How to Handle Adult Tantrums

September 7, 2017

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Adulting is hard! I’m sharing a few ways that you can easily handle adult tantrums and turn that rage into a moment of zen!

Okay.  I know what you’re thinking.  Adults don’t have tantrums.  Toddlers have tantrums.  Even though we might not throw ourselves on the floor and scream, I’m pretty damn sure there have been times when we’ve all wanted to!  Just this past Monday, I kind of felt myself wanting to throw a massive fit.  It was Labor Day.  I was not supposed to be “laboring.”  I was supposed to enjoying the last hurrah of summer.  Right?  


Instead, I was getting my hustle on.  My day started out great!  I knew I had to get some work done.  Even though it was a holiday, it was still a Monday.  So I sat down and wrote out a list of goals. I was accomplishing them one-by-one and then BOOM!  My game was completely thrown off!  A couple of deadlines totally snuck up on me and I immediately went into over-drive.  

Meanwhile, I had plans to do a couple things with my husband.  The workload seemed to multiply in an instant. I even canceled plans to attend a concert this weekend.  Even if I accomplished everything that I had to do, the thought of a loud social scene just seemed exhausting.  Maybe I’m just getting old.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have things in order and then being thrown off course.  I was completely overwhelmed and so close to tears!  It’s times like this when you need to take a step back before an adult temper tantrum happens and you’re walking around like Godzilla throwing fire.

Walk away

I knew I had to get things done, projects to make, and photos to take.  But I was reaching my breaking point.  So I stepped away.  My husband was handing outside with the dog.  I went outside to sit on the deck with them for a little while.  It helped, I got to vent a little, and it made going back to my project easier.

Sniff lavender

Calm yo self.  Lavender is soothing to the senses and has a great calming effect.  It’s my go-to scent of choice when anxiety starts creeping up on me. We have two lavender plants growing in the backyard.  I love snipping sprigs of lavender and keeping them in a small vase.  I also like to keep a bottle of lavender essential oil nearby to sniff when I need to calm down.

Write it out

One of my favorite ways to get rid of stress is to write.  Whether it’s a letter, a blog post, a journal entry, or even just a to-do list, writing it out always seems to help. This week, making a list was very helpful.  Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than seeing tasks being crossed out when completed.

Have a good cry

If all else fails, go somewhere quiet and cry.  Sometimes a good cry is all you need to feel better.  Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak.  You’re human. Tears happen.

Be grateful

No matter what, always be grateful.  Someone out there has it a lot worse than you.  I might complain about my workload and looming deadlines, but I’m grateful for what I do.  I’m grateful for my husband that works hard so I can work from home as a blogger.  I’m grateful for the house we live in, the food on our table, and so much more.

Don’t beat yourself up if you scrap everything and take a mental health day to binge watch TV.  You can always make tomorrow a better day.


How do you handle an adult temper tantrum?

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