Another Coffee Machine

August 6, 2012

I went to Macy’s today to look at coffee makers.  I know, I know.  First there was the Keurig, then came the Cuisinart, then there was that one from Target and eventually none as I ventured away from a caffeine habit.  But I’ve been easing myself back into coffee drinking again and I miss the convenience of having coffee right in my kitchen.  We received a generous gift card to Macy’s as a wedding gift.  Mike basically left me in charge of how to spend it, which could be a very dangerous thing.  There’s not much that we needed around the house and I felt a bit too guilty to use the gift card on anything for just myself.

After comparing Keurig sizes and models and realizing that my coffee addiction never really left, I settled on the Keurig B40.  This model is currently on sale at Macy’s for $119.99 (regular price, $174.99), has two cup size options and includes a sample pack of 12 K-cups.  This machine received 5 star reviews so I felt confident in purchasing this model.  With free shipping and the gift card, I only had to pay a little out of pocket.  While I’ll probably be the primary user of this coffee machine, Mike will be able to enjoy hot water or tea during cooler months.  Just one thing…don’t let me get rid of this one!!!

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