Barbie Inspired Items for Adults

July 13, 2023

Dress up, decorate your dream house, and create your own Barbie world with these fun, fabulous, and pink Barbie inspired items for adults!

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There aren’t a lot of movies I get super excited about anymore.  But when I heard there was a live-action Barbie movie in the works, my childhood heart leapt for joy!  And now, we’re just about a week away from the movie hitting theaters!

As a kid, Barbie was everything!  I would spend hours with friends creating all sorts of scenarios.  Mostly drama, drama, and more drama.  Barbie and her friends were the Real Housewives of Malibu before RH was even a thing!  She was a saucy little minx with a killer house, a killer wardrobe, and a garage full of dream cars!

I swear Barbie is the reason why I became such a car girl and ended up dreaming about one day owning a Barbie dream car of my own – a cherry red Corvette!  Not pink.  Red.

Barbie Inspired Items for Adults

Even though my dream car is red, that doesn’t mean I haven’t always loved a bit of Barbiecore.  I went through a “think pink” phase in college.  I had a bright pink pea coat with matching pink bag.  And I always wanted pink hair (like late 90’s Gwen Stefani), but never got around to it.

These days, I’ll settle for any one of these Barbie items as a reminder that you’re never too old to have those Barbie style dreams!  I even tossed some Shrinky Dinks on the list as a fun, little throwback.

  1. Barbie Womens’ Classic Retro Title Logo Sleep Shirt
  2. Barbie Dreamhouse Pink Interior Paint
  3. Doll House Cookie Cutter
  4. Barbie Knitted Beanie
  5. Barbie Bodyboard
  6. Hot Pink Double Heart Earrings
  7. Barbie Script Logo Necklace
  8. DA BOMB Barbie Bath Bomb
  9. Goody x Barbie Girls Ouchless Hair Scrunchies
  10. Heart Shape Sunglasses
  11. Barbie Pink Matte Liquid Lipstick
  12. Dragon Glassware x Barbie Wine Glasses
  13. Come On Barbie Let’s Go Party Pullover
  14. FUNBOY & Barbie Official Golf Cart Pool Float
  15. Best Day Ever Barbie Movie T-Shirt
  16. Retro Barbie Phone Silicone Phone Case
  17. Barbie PopSocket
  18. Barbie Shrinky Dink Kit

Will you be going to see the new Barbie movie?


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