Because it’s Thursday and I Love You

March 3, 2014

It feels good to do things for others every once in a while, whether it’s holding a door, smiling and saying “thank you” or giving someone a friendly compliment.  I really cannot stress in words how much this winter has sucked for us. Physically it’s been hard on my husband.  Emotionally, without him home, it’s taken a toll on me.  The kinks are being worked out and we’re on our way to a much less stressful spring.  I know it can’t be easy for my husband to work a 12 hour day and listen to me gripe about how we hardly have time to be together at night when he gets home because he’s exhausted.  Even with the half day he works on Saturdays, the weather has made our weekends a bust.
Reinstating our Saturday date night has been one of the best things for our relationship.  It’s like we forgot how to have fun because we got comfortable and that’s a scary thing.  Let’s face it–even some of the best relationships need spicing up every once in a while.  We had a good talk Wednesday night.  We listened.  We put things out on the table we had been holding back.  We both opened up.  We both realized, once again, how appreciative we are of each other.  The yin to my yang, we are a good balance for one another.  And my husband who is rarely a romantic sap, showed me that he’s got a soft, teddy bear interior.  And me?  I showed him a more playful, less tense side to myself.
As I woke up Thursday morning, I began to remember a less comfortable, more spontaneous side of our relationship. A time when dinner wasn’t just a meal written on our chalkboard.  It was a wholehearted gesture to make that time special.  As I shopped for our weekly supply of groceries Thursday morning,, I felt my heart swell with an idea to make a romantic dinner, one of my husband’s favorites: hot mussels.  This loving gesture continued as I unpacked my groceries.  I got back in the car and drove with purpose to the bakery for a loaf of crusty, braided semolina and “something for my husband and I to share” as I was directed to a pastry case and pointed to a Napoleon; delightful layers of flaky pastry and cream topped with chocolate and sprinkles, to be shared and savored together.
Together.  How we always will be.  And I couldn’t wait for him to come home and ask what the occasion was.  I would simply tell him, “Because it’s Thursday and I love you.”

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