Blogger/Influencer Themed Christmas Tree

December 16, 2022

If you’re a blogger babe, social media guru, or trendy influencer, you’ll love creating a Blogger/Influencer Themed Christmas Tree for your home office using these decorating ideas!

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Last year, someone was giving away a whole bunch of Christmas decorations for free on the neighborhood Facebook page.  Most of the decorations pictured looked vintage so I jumped on the offer.  I ended up carting home box upon box of decorations.  The trunk of my car was full!

There was so much stuff to go through!  So I sat on my kitchen floor and created piles – keep, fix, donate, and trash.

I ended up keeping and fixing several items.  Some even became part of my winter decor.  But one item that got me super excited was a small, white Christmas tree.  I never got the chance to put it up, but I had plans to make it our home office Christmas tree the following year.

You can probably guess which tree I set up first this year.  Yup!  My little white Christmas tree!  Since I dubbed it our office tree, I wanted to give it a work related theme.  So I turned it into a blogger/influencer themed Christmas tree!

Being a food focused blogger, I had plenty of food related ornaments from our Christmas in New York Themed Tree to use.  There wasn’t room on the tree for all of them, but I managed to squeeze a donut, an ice cream cone, a cupcake, a coffee cup, and a Santa mug (cause you can never have too much coffee when you’re planning content) on it.

Then, I found some other blogger/influencer related ornaments to stick on the tree like a camera, a felt hashtag symbol and @ symbol, and of course one of my smaller DIY ornaments.

I finished the tree with some other decorations like white iridescent garland, mini silver Christmas balls, and a tree skirt I fashioned out white glittery felt.

Blogger/Influencer Themed Christmas Tree

I think that my little Christmas turned out pretty cute! If you’re a social media or blogger babe and would like to decorate your own blogger/influencer themed tree, here are some ornament ideas to inspire you!

  1. Mini Silver Christmas Ornament Balls
  2. Glass Camera Ornament
  3. Christmas Laptop with Santa Hat Ornament
  4. Coffee Cup Ornament
  5. Soft Foam Donut Shaped Ornament
  6. Kurt Adler Foam Sweet Cupcake with Candy Ornaments
  7. Santa Hat Smartphone Ornament
  8. Personalized Selfie Christmas Ornament
  9. Ice Cream Cone Ornament Set
  10. Red and White Mini Santa Coffee Mug
  11. Like Bubble Glass Ornament
  12. Glass Hashtag Ornament

What would you hang on your blogger/influencer themed Christmas tree?


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