Blogging – He Just Doesn’t Get It!

August 28, 2013

I was beyond excited when the UPS truck pulled up to the house the other day.  “Special delivery from New York, I hope!” I shouted, awaiting the arrival of my high-low cover up dress from Jordan Taylor.  “I got it free so I can write about it,” I told my husband.  He alerted me that the UPS driver was walking our way.  I tried not to run to the door to nab my package from the delivery man!

I don’t think my husband really “gets” what I’m doing here.  He knows that I am constantly writing whether it’s on my blog or elsewhere.  It’s just what I do!  But I don’t think he really knows the relationships I have formed with other bloggers and companies, or that when I open my laptop it’s usually to work on something for my blog.  Let’s face it–blogging has become a job to me.  It’s a job that I enjoy and is earning me little to no money at the moment, but I’m happy doing it.  So when a company approaches me to collaborate on a post, I often feel like I’m getting paid in goods and social media exposure and that’s fine with me.  The first time I told my husband I received something free in exchange for a review he said, “I hope you didn’t give out any bank or credit card information.”  I get it–not many things in life are free, but he needs to give me a little credit.  After all, I’m quite seasoned in the area of online shopping!

But I don’t think he gets blogging in general.  Updating my life through online journals and blogs is something I started before we were even dating.  He’s known that writing has always been one of my passions, but I don’t think he is fully aware that I publish my posts online for the world to see.  My husband’s a pretty private guy.  He hates when I take his picture (even though he’s quite a looker and his handsome mug and baby blues make me swoon).  Now that I’m armed with my Nikon more often, he likes to turn away from me like I’m the paparazzi because he “doesn’t want to end up on the internet.”  When friends and family ask me how my blog is doing, my husband doesn’t really have an idea of what I’m talking about.  It’s not something I ever really shared with him (although he’s been mentioned on here a number of times) and I’m sure if I did, he wouldn’t be too interested in my content about shopping discounts or recipes (most of which he gets to enjoy firsthand).  Regardless, I know he’s proud and supportive of whatever endeavor I choose to follow.

So I ask my fellow bloggers: does your significant other “get” blogging?  Do they read your blog?


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