Cactus Inspired Boho Easter Basket

March 26, 2018
Give your Easter basket some boho inspired charm with this DIY Cactus Inspired Easter Basket project. Fill this basket with a plant instead of candy to make it easy boho Easter decor!

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I’ve been doing spring cleaning in bits and pieces around here. I feel like I can’t officially get into it until the weather warms up and I can open our windows again. But I’ve been playing around with organization and decluttering in the meantime.  That means making use of all of my storage and decorative baskets around the house.  Baskets are my absolute home decor obsession!  They’re functional, inexpensive, look nice displayed on their own, and also look great with plants in them!  That’s why I have them in just about every room of our home, including closets!

Despite that, I’ve never been much of a fan of Easter baskets.  Their kaleidoscope of colors is a little too blinding for me.  Thankfully, the decorative basket trend seems to have trickled down to seasonal Easter baskets.  Some of the muted tones and pastel colors have made them easy to display as home decor and not just for holding mounds of Easter candy and surprises!

Over the past year, our home style has gone from an attempted, and slightly confused, farmhouse look to having some serious bohemian vibes!  We’re talking warm, Earth Mother colors with metallic pops that are pleasing to the eye.  There’s a balance of textures like leather couches and faux fur throws.  And of course, lush green plants hang out in just about every room!  So I decided to bring some of that hippie chicness to our Easter decor this year.

You guys know I love my cacti.  Right?  So that mixed with my love for boho decor brought this project together.  I got myself a green Easter basket and some white tassels to create a cactus inspired basket with a ton of boho charm!  And since I’m not a huge fan of that sugar-loaded Easter candy, I decided to fill my basket with a new plant instead.  I mean, of course I did!



  1. Trim a handful of tassels off of the fringe.  You may need more or less depending on how many you plan to use on your basket.
  2. Heat a glue gun.  Begin gluing tassels around the basket.
  3. Allow glue to dry completely.  Then, fill the basket with a plant or another Easter basket filler of your choice!

Three steps. That’s all it takes, guys!  I really wanted to fill my basket with a tall cactus (this project’s cactus inspired, after all), but I couldn’t find one.  So I went with a Dracena plant that I found for $5 at Walmart instead.

I ultimately ended up repotting the Dracena plant to a bigger pot and stuck a Christmas cactus inside the basket.  You might have seen how my swap turned out on my Instagram story.  With the handle down, this Easter basket looks like a cute, decorative basket with tassels!  I honestly might keep it out all year!

The tassels not only give the basket a bit of that boho charm I love so much, but also makes the basket look more like a cactus.  Think of them as the sharp spikes sticking out of a cactus.  Of course, the tassels would look adorable on any color Easter basket!


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