DIY Boho Tattooed Wood Slice Ornaments

December 17, 2018

Add natural elements and boho style to your Christmas tree with DIY Boho Tattooed Wood Slice Ornaments made with birch wood coasters and metallic temporary tattoos.

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As much as I enjoy decorating our tree year after year, there’s nothing like going through all of our boxes of ornaments.  After 11 Christmases together, we’ve accumulated quite the collection.  At this point, if we put all of our ornaments up on our tree, the poor thing would definitely tip over in a matter of minutes!  In fact, I think we’d probably run out of branches before that could even happen!

What I enjoy most of all is the memories that these boxes hold.  There’s ornaments from my childhood, ornaments my grandmother bought me each year, ornaments from the year we bought our tree together, ornaments from the year we got married, and so many more!  Even though I sit and admire them year after year, it’s always a pleasure to revisit them and embrace the memories.

Some of the ornaments that really make me smile are the ones that I made as a kid.  They’ve held up throughout the years and, although they may not make it onto our tree, I still hang onto them. There’s a popsicle stick reindeer that just about every kid probably made in grade school.  There’s also a painted, wooden Santa with beads glued onto it to make his eyes.

Now, I’ve added so many more handmade ornaments to my storage boxes.  I’ve made handmade ornaments as gifts over the years and always made sure to keep one for our tree.  These days, I make ornaments on a whim.  Christmas is such an inspiring time for me.  A walk through the store or something I’ve seen on TV can have me digging through my craft box and heating up my glue gun!

Take these wood slice ornaments, for instance.  I’ve used temporary tattoos in crafts before, but I was really inspired to make these ornaments after seeing another blogger’s tree.  It’s a pretty, boho-inspired Christmas tree with natural elements, textures, and geometric shapes.  We might have a NYC themed tree this year, but I think I already know what the inspiration for our tree will be next year!

So I wanted to take a natural element like a birch coaster and add metallic temporary tattoos to it to make a simple, boho-inspired ornament.  I played around with hanging options and settled on a simple beaded twine loop.  The tattoos were a little tricky to get right the first few times, but patience is key.  Even after getting your tattoo just right, let it dry before sealing it with Mod Podge!  Trust me on this!



  1. Choose a tattoo to use on your wood slice.  Make sure it’ll fit and cut the tattoo out as close to the design as possible.
  2. Peel away the backing and place the tattoo, sticky side down, onto the wood slice.  Rub the tattoo on the wood slice, making sure it’s good and stuck on it.
  3. Dampen a cloth or paper towel and saturate the tattoo.  Hold the cloth over the design for at least 20 seconds.  Once it starts slipping, you can slowly and carefully begin to slide the backing off.  If you mess up your design, you can easily rub the tattoo off with the damp cloth and start over again.  Just make sure the wood slice has completely dried before starting over.
  4. Once the tattoo is in place, allow the wood slice to dry completely.  Then, use a foam brush to add a coat or two on Mod Podge to seal the tattoo.
  5. Heat a glue glue.  Take a piece of twine and string wood beads onto it.  The length and amount of beads you use is up to you!
  6. Make a loop with the beaded twine and secure onto the back of the wood slice with hot glue.  Allow the glue to dry completely and hang on your tree!

You can even add a little glitter to these, if desired. You can probably see a little gold glitter on the wolf ornament.  That was accidental, but I don’t hate it!  The boho tattoos I got came with a whole bunch of sheets, so I can definitely see myself making a couple more of these!  They’re just the natural, boho-inspired look I was going for!


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