Bringing Home Baby…the Four Wheel Kind

August 5, 2012

Yesterday morning I warmed up croissants for us, set a piece of melon on each plate and ate breakfast quietly.  It was a big morning.  We were going to bring home the new baby and I was slightly terrified.  All the responsibility!  All of the newness!

It was a quiet ride to the dealership, too.  I was too nervous to talk, even when Mike mentioned how proud he was of me for standing up for something the other day, or the story about two officers who got lost in the fog and drove over the side of a bridge.  We got to the dealership and my hands started to get clammy.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so nervous about getting behind the wheel, not even when I first learned how to drive.

As we waited, I roamed the showroom, sat behind the wheel of a Mustang (it’s not for me), and then we were called into an office to finish off paperwork.  A few moments later, I found myself getting behind the wheel of my new Ford Fusion.  I inhaled the new car smell as the salesman pointed out all of the features to me.  I was filled with pure joy and excitement, plus total anxiousness.  I just wanted to put the car in drive and go!  I later joked that it was fate driving home because the first song that came on the radio was a Britney Spears song.  For a basic little stock radio, it sure packs a delightful punch of sound!  It’s quite impressive to a girl like me who likes her music loud and her bass booming.

As we took the new car out for a drive to Rita’s last night, I was beaming.  But I also told Mike that I am in slight disbelief that I actually have a brand new car after a scary history with used vehicles.  It’s so different to have a car that doesn’t rattle or creak when I drive it.  It’s so weird to have working air conditioning and power windows.  I am a very lucky, very blessed girl.  Not only do I have a reliable car, but I have one hell of a husband for getting it for me!

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