How to Create a Butterfly Garden

March 24, 2020

Fill your yard with colorful flowers and host plants this spring and create a beautiful butterfly garden that will attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds!

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Last year, I was so excited to get started on my black flower garden! I had a lot of success starting my flowers in a seed starting tray and transplanting them around Mother’s Day.  As much as I loved how unique the black flowers looked in our garden, I missed having color everywhere.  I missed it even more when butterflies started to visit our yard.

Even though we lacked an abundance of color, we still had a few flowers and plants that the butterflies really seemed to enjoy – like marigolds, bee balm, and dill and carrot tops for the caterpillars to feed on. We’re about to start our seeds again for spring planting and, this year, I’ve decided to plant a full butterfly garden.

Butterflies are mostly attracted to red, orange, yellow, pink, and white flowers, but like purple flowers, as well.  I’m mainly concentrating on growing flowers for containers, but plan on adding flowers in different heights and colors to each pot.  

Everything you need to create a butterfly garden!

Here’s the cool thing about creating a butterfly garden – you can plant more than just flowers!  So if you want to grow an edible garden, you can!  You’ll not only be able to harvest fresh herbs and vegetables, but you’ll be able to provide food sources for growing caterpillars.  You might want to grow extra dill though!  The caterpillars devoured mine last year!

These plants might attract more than just butterflies.  The vibrant colors and nectar can also attract hummingbirds (although, I’ve never seen any in our area) and bees.  It’s so important to help out the bees! 

  1. African Marigolds
  2. Butterfly Weed
  3. Carrots
  4. Cactus Flowered Zinnias
  5. Nasturtium Jewel
  6. Bee Balm
  7. Salvia
  8. Mixed Petunias
  9. Dill
  10. Butterfly Bush
  11. Mexican Sunflowers
  12. Geraniums
  13. Dahlia Pompon Mix
  14. Garden Phlox
  15. Butterfly Puddling Stone

I’m so looking forward to filling our pots with colorful flowers and host plants for the butterflies this year!  Want to see our garden’s progress?  Follow along on Instagram!

If you plant your own butterfly garden this year, I’d love to see it (and the butterflies that visit your yard)!  Make sure to tag me @lavidaholoka and share with the hashtags #livinglavidaholoka or #livinglavidadiy!


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