Have a Calm and Cozy Fall with Uncle Bud’s CBD

October 1, 2021

Have a calm and cozy fall when you include Uncle Bud’s CBD in your fall routine + check out my review for Uncle Bud’s CBD Sublingual with Elderberry and Uncle Bud’s CBD Anytime Gummies!

This post has been sponsored by Uncle Bud’s CBD. All opinions are mine alone.

Summer has faded into fall and balmy evenings have turned into chilly nights.  And so my fall routines have returned.  It’s back to busy schedules and calm evening rituals.  This year, instead of just cramming in content from now through the holiday season and unwinding at night with a hot beverage and a good book, I’m adding CBD to my fall routine.

I’ve been using CBD to help me relax and calm my anxiety on and off for about two years now.  It’s definitely been effective in reducing my anxiety symptoms and giving me a better night’s sleep.  Of course, not all CBD brands are created equally and dosages will affect each person differently as well.

I was recently introduced to Uncle Bud’s Hemp CBD products.  I’m always willing to try new-to-me CBD brands and had the opportunity to try a couple of Uncle Bud’s products.  So I ordered the 1000mg CBD Sublingual with 50mg Elderberry and CBD Anytime Gummies.

Uncle Bud’s CBD Sublingual with Elderberry

I was excited to see a CBD product offered with elderberry in it.  During the madness of last year, I started taking daily elderberry supplements to boost my immune system. So I was immediately interested in trying a CBD product with elderberry in it.

While this CBD sublingual is meant to be taken under the tongue, I prefer to add a dropper to my evening herbal tea for some extra cozy vibes + antioxidants!  I add one full dropper to my mug of tea, stir, and sip for an extremely calming experience!

This CBD sublingual has a pleasant berry flavor and is sweetened with stevia.  If you are going to stir it into a beverage like tea, there’s no need to add honey or sugar.  This will add some sweetness while the CBD relaxes you.

And, boy, does it ever relax you! Since the first night of trying this in my tea, I’ve had some of the best sleeps ever!  Like so good that once this bottle starts getting low, I’m definitely ordering another one so I can continue using it daily.

Uncle Bud’s CBD Anytime Gummies

If social situations still make you feel a bit iffy and on edge these days, you might want to try Uncle Bud’s CBD Anytime Gummies.  CBD during the day isn’t as much of a daily thing as it is during the evening for me.

However, if I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed during the day, it’s nice to have a product like CBD Anytime Gummies to help me soothe those worries.

These Anytime Gummies are 100% vegan and include flavors like lime, blue raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD per serving.  I find that just one of these gummies does the trick to ease those anxious feelings.  But you can take up to 2 of these fruity and delicious gummies every 6 hours, or as needed.

CBD gummies can do more than just relax you.  If you find yourself unable to focus once the afternoon hits, these can help you stay on track during the day.

And just in case you’re wondering, CBD supplements are THC-free. All this means is you’ll get all of the benefits without getting high (THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant).

Want to add these CBD supplements to your fall routine?  Visit Uncle Bud’s and check out the rest of their CBD products including topicals, bath & body, skin care, pet care, and more!  Before checking out, use the code IG20 to get 20% off your purchase!


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