Casting Lines and Stringing Shells

August 8, 2013

My husband and I spent yesterday morning at the beach.  The piers were already crowded with fishermen so we set up our poles on the sand. One of my favorite things about fishing from land is having the freedom to roam the beach and scavenge for treasures.  While exploring the shoreline, I found a perfectly curved twig.  It reminded me of beach wood wind chimes I’ve seen on Pinterest and Etsy. I came across some crabbing line tangled around a stick.  I ran back to my husband to borrow his pocketknife and cut the line loose.  Once I had my project in mind, I started collecting shells with holes in them.  When I got back to our beach chairs, I divided my crabbing line and started wrapping the twig with rope and stringing shells to make us some beach chimes.
A couple shells had broken while stringing them, but replacements were easy to find.  In between crafting, I would take breaks to check my bait.  I bet Martha Stewart never crafted and fished at the same time!  We didn’t catch anything, although something kept stealing our bait (we suspect crabs).  Despite our empty hooks, we had a great view of the bay and the most amazing cool breeze off the water–one that almost made me forget it was still summer.

After we returned home, I decided to secure my beach chimes a little better.  I unwrapped and re-wrapped the crabbing line, restrung the shells and secured everything back together with a dab or two of hot glue.  It was such an easy little project to make with the natural resources that I found.  I love the natural touch the chimes have brought into our home.  As someone who is quite fond of the Jersey shore, I always enjoy bringing the beach home with me (and I don’t mean the sand in my shoes).


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