August 6, 2010

My birthday ended a week ago, but I am still celebrating and will be for another couple weeks.  I have definitely enjoyed myself this year.  I have learned as I have grown that birthdays do not always have to be one, big, loud party.  I am learning that they are better spent in the comfort of loved ones.  We may not always be able to get together at the same time, but we always manage it eventually.  If anything, it allows the celebrating to go on a little longer.

I have received many generous gifts this year (and there are more to come); money, a pink tackle box I had actually been eyeing the same day it was presented to me full of fishing goodies, and a pasta and ravioli maker that I am looking very much forward to using, but want to get rid of the bulk of our store-bought pasta before I dive in to making the homemade kind. 

Yesterday my supervisor gave me a small box.  The little brown box itself was great as it was wrapped with a vintage wrapper.  I was excited to see what treasure it held inside.  Inside was a beautiful butterfly clip, rhinestone with a butterfly embellishment.  She told me it was for my birthday, that she had bought it during her trip to Colorado in a little boutique in the mountains and had been carrying it in her bag ever since.  She had just forgotten to give it to me.  She and I have taken turns taking vacation days off of work.  I could see how that had happened.  I appreciated her gesture, thanked her and gave her a hug.

I later met a friend in the park.  After catching up for a little on a park bench, she told me to open her gifts.  She gave me a bottle of Giada parmesan and garlic dressing, two brightly colored animal print bracelets and a top that blasts me right into the past to the 80’s.  I love it all!

Later on as I was home putting my gifts in their new spaces, I was reflecting on how lucky I am, how blessed I am, to have these friends and family surrounding me.  They are all supportive, giving people, and I appreciate that.  It made me realize that life wouldn’t be a party without them.

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