Christmas Etched Silhouette Snow Globe

December 20, 2022

This Christmas Etched Silhouette Snow Globe is made with a vinyl stencil, etching cream, bottle brush trees, and a deer figurine to create a wintry holiday scene!

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Last year, I decorated our Christmas tree in a retro theme.  I hung ornaments from my childhood, ornaments with classic retro Christmas style, and even artificial popcorn and cranberry garland.  There was nothing cozier than admiring the tree at night with that nostalgic feeling tied to it.

While I usually choose a new theme for our tree each year, this year I am once again decorating our tree in the same retro style.  It was nice to include ornaments and decorations on our tree that were special and meaningful to me.  Along with my own collection of vintage decorations, I’ve been collecting decorations that have that nostalgic, retro look to them.

Of course, I’ll be making as many retro inspired decorations as I can as well.  And since one of my favorite things to collect as a kid were snow globes, I wanted to create a DIY version.  Instead of just gluing down figurines and small bottle brush trees in the jar with a bit of artificial snow, I really wanted the scene to stand out.

So I did some glass etching.  The idea is to look through the snow globe and see an etched scene on the back of the glass.  I cut out a snowflake design with my Cricut Maker and used removable vinyl to stick it to the jar.  Then, I used etching cream to really bring the scene to life.

Christmas Etched Silhouette Snow Globe

If you’re looking for a cute Cricut project to make this Christmas, this snow globe will add some charm to your holiday decor.  And if you don’t add too many obvious Christmas elements, you’ll be able to keep it out all winter long!

The first step in making this snow globe is gathering the figurines to put inside.  I found a tiny deer figurine on Amazon and added some bottle brush trees I had on hand.  One of my trees was too big for the jar, but I liked the style.  So I ended up cutting it down to fit inside.

Once I chose what was going into my jar, I used my glue gun to glue the jar’s lid and seal together.  Then, I glued my deer figurine and trees inside the lid.

Then, I opened Design Space and looked for an image to use as my etched background.  I landed on some snowflakes that I thought would look pretty.  So I resized the image to fit the back of my jar.

Once the image was cut out of removable vinyl, I weeded my design.  But instead of weeding how I usually would, I removed the spaces that would be etched over, creating a stencil.

I made sure the outside of my jar was clean.  Then, I placed the vinyl onto the jar.

Using my etching cream, I brushed a thick layer onto the jar and waited about 3 minutes.  Make sure you wear gloves while using the etching cream.

Then, I rinsed the etching cream with running water (try not to get the inside of the jar wet) and removed the vinyl stencil from the jar.

I pat the outside of the jar dry.  Then, I poured some iridescent Buffalo Snow into the jar.  I only needed a little bit to give my jar a snowy appearance.

With everything glued onto the lid, I carefully screwed the lid back onto the jar.  I added some hot glue around the lid before screwing it into place so it would be secured onto the jar.

The last thing I did was flip the jar over, give it a little tap to remove the snow from the figurines inside, and displayed it!



  1. Heat a hot glue gun.  Then, glue the canning jar seal and lid together.
  2. Position the bottle brush trees and deer figurine inside the lid.  Leaving room around the edge of the lid, hot glue everything in place.
  3. Open the snowflake design file in Design Space.  If necessary, resize the design to fit your jar.
  4. Prepare a StandardGrip mat with removeable vinyl.  Then, use your Cricut Maker to cut the design.
  5. Instead of weeding the design as you normally would, remove the vinyl where you’ll be etching over.
  6. Make sure the outside of the jar is clean.  Then, stick the vinyl onto one side of the jar.  Smooth out any bubbles.
  7. Put some gloves on.  Then, use a foam brush to apply a thick layer of etching cream to the vinyl stencil.  After 3 minutes, rinse the design under running water.
  8. Pat the jar dry inside and out.  Then, pour in a shallow layer of artificial snow.
  9. If desired, add a small amount of hot glue around the inside edge of the canning jar lid.  Then, carefully screw the lid into place.
  10. Flip the jar off, give it a tap to settle the artificial snow, and display your new snow globe!

Not only would this snow globe look adorable among your holiday decor (group a few snow globes together to create a winter scene), it would make a great handmade gift, too!

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