15 Christmas Gnome Gifts for the Home

December 8, 2021

Are you going “gnome” for the holidays or have someone on your list that loves the gnome trend? Shop this list of 15 Christmas Gnome Gifts for the Home!

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There’s pretty much a gnome for every holiday and every occasion now.  But I definitely have a soft spot for those adorable Christmas gnomes.  In fact, a few years ago when gnomes were just starting to become popular, I bought a plush gnome to sit in the small wall niche in our living room. Now, gnomes are one of the biggest trends and popular with fans of farmhouse decor.

These charming little spirits are commonly known as guardians of earth and plants and symbols of good luck.  But did you know that Scandinavians associate gnomes with Christmas?  In fact, they’re kind of like the Scandinavian version of Santa Claus!

And while we leave cookies out for Santa, in Sweden you’d leave a bowl of porridge out to become friends with your home’s gnome. Gnomes also have a mischievous side, so it’s said that the porridge keeps them happy and away from playing pranks on your family.

15 Christmas Gnome Gifts for the Home

So now that you know a bit more about these cute mythical creatures, you might want to add a gnome or two to your home decor this Christmas.  Or you might have a gnome lover on your list who would love these gift ideas!

  1. Plush Gnome Christmas Ornaments
  2. Christmas Wood Gnome Table Decoration
  3. Gnome Mittens and Towel 4 Piece Kitchen Set
  4. Gnome for the Holidays Sign
  5. Santa Gnome Christmas Wreath
  6. Christmas Gnome Plush
  7. Buffalo Plaid Gnome Doormat
  8. Joy Christmas Statue
  9. Christmas Gnome Pillow Covers
  10. Small Lighted Gnome Christmas Tree
  11. Let It Snow Gnome Night Light Set
  12. Santa Gnome Christmas Countdown Calendar
  13. Light-Up Snow Globe Lantern
  14. Flannel Throw Blanket
  15. Christmas Gnome with Present

Are you a fan of the gnome trend?


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