DIY Stenciled Cork Plant Coaster

June 13, 2016

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DIY Stenciled Cork Plant Coaster

This year, I’ve probably spent more time (and possibly money) in greenhouses than any other year of my backyard gardening endeavors.  I made sure to hit up three of the local greenhouses and found myself visiting them at least once a week for a few weeks.  I was on a serious mission to flood the backyard with color this year!  If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably gotten a glimpse of all of the pretty flowers I’ve planted. I think my colorful mission was pretty successful!

Those trips to the greenhouses didn’t just inspire my garden. They also proved to be inspirational for DIY projects as I walked around and snapped pics of some of the unique plant displays.  As I wandered through an area that had garden stakes, pots and planters, and other decorative items for sale, I found myself drawn to a table of plant coasters made out of cork.  These coasters were painted in bright, colorful, stenciled patterns. Immediately, I had one of my, “I can do that” moments!

DIY Stenciled Cork Plant Coaster


  • 8 inch round cork trivet/coaster
  • Round accent stencil
  • FolkArt Cerulean Blue Outdoor Acrylic Paint
  • Foam brush


  1. Place your stencil down on top of the cork coaster.
  2. Add a little paint at a time to your foam brush and being dabbing it onto the stencil, making sure that the paint is being fully absorbed by the coaster.
  3. Once the stencil has been painted completely, allow the paint to dry before lifting the stencil off the coaster.
  4. Use this plant coaster indoors or outdoors to protect surfaces and furniture.

DIY Stenciled Cork Plant Coaster
DIY Stenciled Cork Plant Coaster

These coasters are perfect to sit planters on top of whether inside or outside of the house! I’m keeping mine inside (for now) and underneath my Peace Lily plant in the office.  Want another fun way to dress up your plants?  Check out my DIY Marble Cement Plant Coaster!

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