DIY Cricut Mother’s Day Mug Gift

May 2, 2022

This custom Mother’s Day mug gift idea is easy to make with the Cricut Mug Press.  It’s a heartfelt, homemade way to show Mom a token of your appreciation!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

This past year has been great for Cricut makers like myself!  Cricut released an entire line of new heat presses including the Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Hat Press, and Cricut Autopress.  But one of the newest heat presses really stood out to me – the Cricut Mug Press.  It immediately went on my wish list!

Not only would I be able to create custom mugs for my countertop coffee station, but I’d be able to create personalized gifts for my coffee loving friends and family!  Cricut was kind enough to send me the Mug Press.  So with Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to make my mom a new mug for her collection complete with a small gift inside.

The Cricut Mug Press

Before we jump into our Mother’s Day project, let’s talk about the Cricut Mug Press.  This heat press works with Infusible Ink leaving you with a peel-proof and dishwasher safe design.  Create your image in Design Space, attach it to a mug blank, and place it inside the Mug Press.

The press itself is sleek and compact in design including a power button, lever, and heating elements inside the heat press.  The heating elements surround the mug, transferring the image onto the mug blank.  It’s one-touch technology that leaves you with a professional looking mug!

How to Make a Cricut Mother’s Day Mug

If you’re looking for a small gift to give a mom-like figure in your life or want a little extra something to give to your mom, this mug gift is an adorable idea.  Once the mug is created, fill it with something small like chocolates, candies, or a gift card!

The first thing I did – as I do with every Cricut project – is open the image library in Design Space.  Now the cool thing about creating mugs is you can do a search for a “mug wrap.”  This will give you an image designed to wrap around the entire mug.

You’ll see in the mug wrap design that there’s a border around it.  That basically marks the area where the mug handle is.  See those little mug icons above the black image?  You’ll want to delete those before you continue.  They’re just guides to show you where the image will be on the mug.

As you can see, I decided to make two mugs.  The teal design is one I found in my search.  The black design is one I created using a rose image and “mom” text.  I sliced the design out of a solid mug wrap.

Now it’s time to start cutting our mug images.  Once your machine is set, hit Make It.  On the next screen, make sure to mirror your designs so your image transfers onto the mug correctly.

Choose your material on the next screen and continue to cut.  Then, weed the design.

Hit the power button on the Mug Press so it can heat up.  You’ll see the button turn green when it’s ready to go.

Make sure that your mug blank is completely clean (you can wipe it down or lint roll it).  Then, wrap the design around the mug and secure it in place with Heat Resistant Tape.

Pull the lever up on the Mug Press and place the mug inside.  Now, pull the lever down and the Mug Press will transfer the Infusible Ink onto the mug.  The lights on top of the press will show you the progress and beep to let you know when the mug is finished.

Once the mug is done, carefully remove it from the press (it’ll be hot so be careful) and place it onto a heat safe surface like an EasyPress mat. Allow the mug to cool completely before removing the Infusible Ink transfer sheet.

And there you have it!  We’ve made a gorgeous, professional looking mug!  As a final touch for Mother’s Day, I’ve added some chocolates inside.  You could also add other candies, a gift card, or even a small bouquet of flowers.



  1. Open the DIY Cricut Mother’s Day Mug Gift design file in Design Space.  Then, hit Make It.
  2. Prepare two Standard Grip Mats with Infusible Ink and continue to cut each design.
  3. Weed each design.  Then, wrap the design around each cleaned mug blank and secure with Heat Resistant Tape.
  4. Heat the Mug Press.  When ready, place a mug into the press, pull the lever down to hold the mug in place.
  5. Once the mug is finished, carefully remove it from the press and set aside on a heat safe surface, like an EasyPress Mat.
  6. When the mug is cool, remove the Infusible Ink transfer sheet from the mug.
  7. Fill the Mother’s Day mug with chocolates, candies, or gift card and gift to Mom!

This gift idea goes way beyond Mother’s Day!  You can create custom mugs with the Cricut Mug Press for birthdays, graduations, as thank you gifts, teacher gifts, and so much more!

Did you make this DIY Cricut Mother’s Day Mug Gift? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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