December 26, 2012

Watching: My So-Called Life.  It’s the episode where Angela’s dad gives her and Rayanne tickets to the Grateful Dead concert, but she gives them to Jordan Catalano to scalp.  Thank goodness for Sundance channel.  I need a break from the news and I could seriously watch this show all day.

Loving: my Christmas loot.  I got to reload my Starbucks card (very important!), a couple infinity scarves, some candy, Marilyn Monroe highball glasses, Big Bang Theory bobble head dolls, a bottle of wine, candles, a gift card and some cash.  I know I’m forgetting a couple things, but it’s all so thoughtful and nice.  My family knows me so well!

Listening to: the last of the Christmas music before it’s time to put it all away for another year.  If I can keep the tree up until the beginning of January, I can certainly listen to my Josh Groban and Michael Buble Christmas CD’s until then!

Going: to use this time stuck indoors to clean.  Mike took my car to work today so I’ll be home.  I might as well use this time to get to the windows, do a load of laundry, clean the floors and do a little dusting.

Makes me happy: family time.  I didn’t feel so well waking up yesterday morning.  I’m still feeling a little off this morning.  But seeing everyone full of Christmas cheer when I got to my parents’ house snapped me out of it.  We had an enjoyable time opening up presents from each other, eating lots of yummy food and just being together.  And I get to do it all over again this weekend with family from out of town.

What are you currently up to?  


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