Date Night Dinner + Weekend Recap

March 25, 2014

We had such a fun, low key weekend!  The weather was beautiful Saturday afternoon despite some wind.  We worked together in the garden and put down some seeds.  We planted spinach, beets and radishes and then I planted some store bought scallions in a pot.  While my husband cleaned up the yard, I put out Easter decorations.  The front of our house is now covered in pastel, tulips and rabbits–it’s so cute it’s sickening!
Date night Saturday took place at a Chinese restaurant within walking distance from our home.  I have had such a craving for Chinese food lately and my husband had never been to the Chinese restaurant/tiki bar by our house so we went there for dinner and ate in a tiki booth.  I got my crunchy noodles and duck sauce I had especially been craving and a ginormous plate of chicken and broccoli with brown rice. He got General Tso’s Chicken served with a generous helping of pork fried rice and an egg roll.  We had enough food to feed a whole family!  It was delicious. It was nice to sit and enjoy Chinese takeout out of the house and have my husband listen to me drone on about my dreams and aspirations of writing.  He should know!  He’s always curious (and maybe a little frightened) about my quick, sick sense of humor and constant flow of ideas that cause him to shake his head while I scramble for pen and paper.

We took leftovers home and then got in the car to head down to the waterfront for an evening walk by the water. It was so nice outside.  The wind that was blowing during the day had died down leaving behind a pleasant evening.  We walked the dock, got scared out of our wits by a duck (“when it comes to flee or fight, that was definitely a time for fleeing”), laughed a lot and there may even have been some dancing in the street on my end.  Two crazy kids by the waterfront!  I love that we’ve started to take date night outside again.  As the weather continues to warm up, I look forward to doing more outdoor activities together.
After our walk, we stopped into Home Depot to look for a golden raspberry plant.  There weren’t any in yet, but they’re also on our list for planting this year.  I hope my husband realizes that eventually we will run out of room to plant all of these things.  We found the curly kale we want to buy, did some more garden planning and then headed back to our house to end the night in front of the TV.
Sunday was a bit more low key than Saturday, but still a great day.  It started off by staying in bed a little longer (this is what Sundays were made for) then making us eggs and bacon for breakfast.  True story: I cannot cook bacon to save my life.  As I told my husband, he is the master of everything in my life including bacon.  He makes one hell of a pan of brownies, too!  We got dressed after breakfast and he went to work in the garage while I burned off my scrambled eggs and one extra crispy piece of what used to be bacon.  Working out turned into a cleaning frenzy and eventually the entire house smelled like bleach. We have been having some trouble setting up our new computer so my husband invited some friends over to see if they could figure it out.  Close, but no cigar.  My husband’s friend came back over with his son later in the evening and his son had the magic touch.  Our computer troubles are no more!  That second shift of computer repairs was more like a crazy hangout.  Three guys, one little lady, a couple glasses of red wine and crazy conversations! But at least our computer is fixed!  I have threatened it much too much last week that it would be run over with my car.
Another weekend gone way too fast, but one that was completely enjoyable.  I have a feeling another Home Depot date night is in our future next weekend (I’m kind of okay with that place now).  And weather permitting, hopefully another walk by the bay will take place as well.


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