Date Night: Hockey Style

April 14, 2014

What a special game to attend yesterday afternoon with another couple.  It was the last game of the Devils 2014 season against the Boston Bruins.  We sat up, up, up in the very top row of the arena, but those were honestly the best seats we’ve had so far.  It’s an amazing view from the top!  It was also Fan Appreciation Day so all fans in attendance received a free t-shirt (we missed the posters on the way out).  We also received special scratch-off tickets.  Everyone in our group except me won 10% off in the Devils Den merchandise shop.  I won a free cup of Tim Horton’s coffee.  Of course, when our friend offered to buy me a beer, I skipped the coffee and went for the Blue Moon instead!

The game was a bittersweet way to end a not-so-sweet hockey season for the Devils.  As well, rumor has it that Martin Brodeur may not return to New Jersey next season.  After we beat the Bruins 3-2, there was a nice interview with Brodeur where he basically stated he would take the break from the season to mull over his next move.  If he doesn’t return next season, it will make this game even more memorable.
It wasn’t the most fun season to watch (downright painful at times), but it was great to be in the stands for the game and see them at least take the last win of the season.  We had a good time on our double date, too.  Especially since we doubled with Bruins fans!  Lots of friendly smack-talk and laughter!
See you next year, boys.  Maybe even screaming from the stands again!


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