Date Night Weekend: Old Married Couple Style

November 19, 2012

I used to hate Home Depot.  I mean hate.  That’s because I was going there alone, trying to find things in their aisles that I wasn’t at all familiar with.  I joked with my husband that sending me into Home Depot alone is like sending him into Marshall’s or a shoe store.  I found myself at Home Depot twice this weekend.  The first time was Saturday night.  I had to laugh to myself that our “date nights” have turned into going to the Home Depot to find chalkboard paint for a project I’m working on.  But you know something?  It was fun!  When we got there, we immediately spotted the Christmas items.  I was planning on just browsing, but my husband saw a yard angel that he thought I would like.  They were out of stock so we continued on to the paint aisle.  We found my chalkboard paint and checked out.  We continued our date with a drive down to nearby docks to see the damage Sandy caused.  It was a boat graveyard with beat up docks, but somehow we found ourselves laughing over memories of being there.

Sunday we were down the shore celebrating our nephew’s birthday.  When we got home from the shore, my husband immediately started on date night #2 of the weekend–cutting wood for my project.  After the wood was cut,  together we started painting.  I joked that he was my “paint bitch” because he held the wood while I painted. But again, it was fun.  After we painted and set the wood down to dry, we walked across the street to the strip mall and got pizza.  We ate, watched a movie and I turned in early because Aunt Jess was feeling the aftermath of giving her niece piggyback rides.

Tonight, we ate dinner and then it was back downstairs to cut wood.  It made me realize that he does these things to keep me happy.  He does them not because he needs to, but because he wants to.  I don’t know if he’ll ever really know how much I appreciate him.  But what we do know is that no matter if we’re just walking around the block, going to the store or having a meal together, we are blessed to have each other and have these moments together.

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