Dear Jessica

February 18, 2015

Dear Jessica,

I know you’ve been struggling lately and feeling a bit defeated.  I just wanted you to know that you’re doing fine. I know that when you’re up, you’re UP and you feel unstoppable. But when you’re low, everyone around you feels it – especially your all-too-patient, loving and awfully wise husband.

Recently you had a talk with him and it left you feeling lighter, loved and a hell of a lot better about yourself and your goals. You told him that you HAD to do this. You had no other choice. You’ve been busting your ass, working so hard, to get your words and designs out there. And when they fail to come to the surface, it’s not only frustrating, it’s down right devastating to you. You fall to your knees and ask yourself if it’s all worth it. Trust me – whether you fail or succeed, it will all be worth it in the end. Because, as you said, it has to be.

All of this work you’re doing shows you have a passion, a fire inside of you. You’ve found something you truly love to do in life. Whenever you feel like a failure, remember – how many people can say that they’re doing what they love? Remember that there are millions of people who wish they could be where you are now, right in this moment.

So when you look at your numbers, the income that isn’t coming in and the opportunities that aren’t knocking, think about it this way – you’re currently being paid in passion. Things may change and no hard work goes unpaid.

And like that all-too-patient, loving and awfully wise husband of yours said, life would be boring if you didn’t have any goals. Keep going forward because you’re doing so much more than you did yesterday.

With love,

If you wrote yourself a letter, what would you currently have to say?


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