DIY Driftwood Candle Holder

May 12, 2014

My main mission for going to the beach a few weeks ago was to pick driftwood to make part of my mom’s Mother’s Day gift.  I have seen driftwood candle holders in shops for $40 and upward amounts.  If you have the proper circular drill bit, you can easily make your own.

Now my husband and I took this project up a notch.  We took the gorgeous piece of driftwood I picked from the beach and using a Sharpie marker, I marked off where I wanted holes for candles.  Using a votive candle as a size guide, my husband found the right size circular drill bit to use to make shallow holes in the driftwood.  I requested that the holes were too deep since I wanted the candles to sit above the surface.  Wood + fire don’t mix after all.  Or do they…

After the holes were drilled and my husband and I stood admiring the candle holder, he said “Do you know what would make this look so much cooler?  If we torch it.”  I starting laughing on the spot.  He was joking, right? Nope! We took the driftwood and a blow torch to the backyard.  My husband pulled out the hose, lit up the torch and handed it over to me.  I torched both sides and let him even it out a bit.  No hose necessary, but I appreciate the former firefighter in him for taking such a precaution!


We gifted this to Mom with a set of tealight candles and a PVC planter of her own.  My mother-in-law received a standing wooden planter she wanted that my father-in-law and husband built for her.  Mother’s Day was very handmade this year, which I loved making and giving!  The moms seemed to love their gifts, too.


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