DIY Driftwood Sailboat

July 16, 2014

I had a found piece of driftwood that wasn’t being used so I searched for new projects.  I came across adorable driftwood sailboats. All you need is a small piece of driftwood, a wooden dowel (or stick) and fabric.  Since I am displaying my sailboat outdoors, I bought a small piece of outdoor fabric.  Now is a great time to buy heavier outdoor prints.  I found this one for 50% off!

My piece of driftwood had a natural opening in the middle of it.  I was able to push my dowel down into it to make a proper fit.  You may need a drill depending on the size and shape of your wood.  Once the hole was made, I hot glued my dowel down into the hole.
I cut a small square of fabric, approximately 7 inches across, and folded it in half to make a triangle.  I glued the edges of the triangle, leaving one edge open.  Then I glued one side of my last fabric opening and secured it around the top of my dowel.  I followed with the other end and let dry.

It’s a simple design, but a charming little piece of Summer decor for our deck.


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