DIY Milk Crate + Mason Jar Flower Garden

May 5, 2014

On Saturday I cleaned like a mad woman.  I scrubbed, I bleached, I had to clean up an accidental flood in the basement due to laundry (that stupid sink!) and I organized and tossed a few things in the kitchen.  Upon organizing the cleaning supplies under our kitchen sink, I decided the metal milk crate I was using to house some of our bottles of cleaner wasn’t necessary.  So instead, I gave it new purpose.
Saturday night found us once again in garden centers.  We purchased two tomato plants (one’s a black heirloom variety that I’m excited for), some supplies for a couple projects we’re working on, potting soil and a 6-pack of Impatiens.  All I needed was mason jars.  So yesterday morning I headed to the craft store and picked up a case.  I got straight to work on my little mason jar flower garden as soon as I came home.  I would suggest doing this in a workspace you are okay with getting dirty or go outside.  We have a planting table in the house right now so that was my work station.

Gently transfer your flowers into mason jars and push potting soil around them until the jar is filled.  Give them a little water and set them outside.  I think the hardest part of this project was deciding where to put our new milk crate garden! 
I found my milk crate at Home Goods.  Look for vintage metal milk crates at flea markets or use an old wooden crate for alternate rustic inspiration.  These mason jars would even look cute in a shallow plastic or metal tub.

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