DIY Mother’s Day Stamped Initial Charm Bracelet

May 6, 2015

Create a personalized DIY Stamped Initial Charm Bracelet for Mother’s Day with all of Mom’s kids’ initials.

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DIY Mother's Day Stamped Initial Charm Bracelet

I have one last Mother’s Day DIY project to share with you before Mom’s big day!  Most women love to receive a little bling on special occasions.  I decided to make my Mom a bracelet with all of her kids’ initials stamped onto charms.  If you’re into jewelry making, this project is for you.  Even if you’re not, this is a good place to start!  This bracelet was really easy to put together!

I come from a BIG family.  There are six kids in total.  Two are my dad’s from a previous marriage, which leaves my brother, twin sisters and myself.  I’m the oldest (wisest, best looking, funniest, cleverest, most talented…you get the point) and even though we’re not all close in age, we get along pretty well most of the time!  Sibling rivalry will always happen, but at the end of the day we’ve got each other’s backs.

DIY Mother's Day Stamped Initial Charm Bracelet

This was my first metal stamping project and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I hope Mom will be, too!  I used a 3mm metal stamping letter set to stamp our initials onto 5/8″ metal circle blanks.  Then I hooked the charms onto chain with jump rings and closed the bracelet together with a spring closure.


  • 3mm metal stamping set
  • Small hammer
  • Metal stamping block
  • 5/8″ gold circle blanks
  • 2.3m small gold cable chain
  • Gold spring closure set
  • Gold jump rings
  • 3-in-1 or round nose pliers


1. Measure your chain.  I used approximately 8 1/2″ of chain. 
2. When you have your chain measured and removed to size, add your spring closure set to each side.
3. Next, we’ll make our charms. Using a small hammer and your stamping block, stamp a letter onto your circle blank.  If you’re an only child, your work is almost done on Mom’s new bracelet!
4. Once all letters are stamped on each of their blanks, open a jump ring with your pliers and loop it onto your circle blank.
5. Figure out where each stamped charm will go on your bracelet and loop the jump ring onto your chain.  Close with your pliers.  Repeat with each charm.

DIY Mother's Day Stamped Initial Charm Bracelet

It’s nice to know that Mom will always have her kids with her as long as she’s wearing this bracelet.  Make sure to wrap Mom’s new bracelet in a pretty, little jewelry box before giving it to her!


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