DIY Orion “The Hunter” Constellation Nail Art

January 30, 2014

Astronomy fascinates me.  There are millions of stars in the sky and they are all a part of many different myths and stories in the form of constellations.  When I started researching projects to recreate another project gone wrong, I initially thought of making a yarn art piece.  As I started plotting my plans for my new project, I realized how perfect flat head nails would work as stars in a constellation.  What started as yarn art, later turned into nail and pen art.
I thought about all of the constellations in the sky.  I thought about making Ursa Major.  I see it from our bedroom window almost every clear evening.  I thought about Leo, my zodiac sign, but felt it was too simple of an idea.  So I started researching further and read stories about Orion, known also as The Hunter.
There are many stories surrounding Orion, but one seems to be .  It’s a love story about Orion and the goddess Artemis.  However, Zeus (father of Artemis) disapproved of Orion and set a scorpion out to kill him.  When Artemis found him, it was too late.  So she threw the scorpion to one side of the sky and set Orion among the stars, far away from the scorpion.
A constellation with a love story!  Okay, it ends tragically, but it’s still a love story.  Because I love my own hunter, it seemed fitting to use Orion for my art project.


– 5 x 7 piece of wood
– black acrylic paint
– constellation picture
– silver gel pen
– hammer and flat head nails
– glow-in-the-dark paint
Make sure your piece of wood is sanded and smooth.  Paint on all sides and dry completely.  Using your constellation picture as a guide, mark the points/stars in the constellation with your silver pen.  Hammer flat head nails into your markings.  With your silver gel pen, fill in the lines that form your constellation.  If you wish, trace over your lines with glow-in-the-dark paint so your nail art glows at night!  It looks so cool, like you brought part of the sky indoors!

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