DIY PVC Pipe Planter

April 24, 2014

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were shopping Hobby Lobby and came across this planter.  Made to look like PVC drain and fittings, we thought “we could make that!”  So I snapped a picture for future reference.

I went to Home Depot yesterday in search of my newest DIY project and was directed to an entire aisle of PVC piping, elbows and fittings.  I always say to my husband that Home Depot is a man’s equivalent to the craft store, but I find myself there a lot lately!  Five PVC pieces came home with me.

I took my work out on the deck and set my pieces out.  With my trusty E6000 glue, I glued each piece together and set it out to dry.  Next, I needed plants.  The rough exterior of PVC drain needed something softer than the herbs I was going to initially plant.  So I took a drive to a local greenhouse and bought some pretty flowers–white and pink Mini Petunias with a gorgeous Black Cat Petunia plant in the center.
The weight of the soil and plants allows this planter to keep upright.  It also helped to set it into the rocks in my backyard.  Note the piece of driftwood in the background from my beach day this week!
After everything, PVC and plants, this project probably cost me just as much as buying the planter in Hobby Lobby.  But where’s the fun in that???  Plus I got to support local business and that’s always a great thing! 


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