DIY Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin

November 2, 2015

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Transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving with this easy DIY Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin!

DIY Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve been searching Pinterest for Thanksgiving ideas.  It’s always an awkward transition between Halloween and Christmas for me.  The Halloween decorations come down, the house looks empty, and the only turkey that hangs around here is in a leftover bag from a family gathering.  While everyone else is still digesting their Thanksgiving feast and rushing to stores for Black Friday sales, I’m at home putting the tree up and getting the house ready for Christmas. 

We recently did a major, much needed, clean out of our attic.  While I was going through boxes of decorations and items for the home, I came across the Rustic Tic-Tac-Toe Chalkboard I made over the Summer, plus two extra wood rounds.  This year, I thought I’d dress up the house a little for Thanksgiving.  We won’t be hosting Thanksgiving, but we might have some visitors that day.

DIY Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin

Last week, I decided to put one of those extra wood rounds to good use.  My chalkboard obsession still hasn’t left me, so I made a Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin out of one of my wood rounds.  It’s the perfect way to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving and a decoration that could easily be used for both holidays!



  1. Brush 2 coats of orange paint over the surface of your wood slice. Allow to dry.
  2. Follow with 2 coats of chalkboard coating.
  3. Allow to chalkboard coating to cure for 24 hours, then activate by rubbing a piece of chalk over the surface of your wood slice. Wipe away with a clean paper towel.
  4. Hot glue your twig into place. You made need to make a small hole in the top of the wood to secure your twig.
  5. Add leaves and other embellishments to the top of your pumpkin.
  6. Write a Thanksgiving greeting or your holiday menu and display!
DIY Rustic Chalkboard Pumpkin
Now is a great time to check the craft store for Fall foliage bundles.  The Lamb’s Ear leaves I used for this project were marked down 60%!  I had to get creative with the twig I glued on top.  It was actually pulled from the back of a wreath I found in the attic!  
Also, I would highly suggest getting the chalkboard coating.  That way you can turn any painted surface a chalkboard without spending a fortune on individual chalkboard paints.  Just add a couple coats over your acrylic paint of choice and you’re good to go!

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?


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