Easter Bunny Bookmarks

April 5, 2023

These Easter Bunny Bookmarks are an easy non-candy basket filler made with colorful cardstock, sticker cardstock, and the Cricut Maker.

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If you know me, then you know how much I love to read!  So does a lot of my family.  We’re constantly giving each other book recommendations and trading books.  And when I’m not trading books with the fam, I’m usually walking to the Little Free Library to drop off a book and pick up a new one.  Some days, I’ll even bring some DIY cardstock bookmarks with me to leave inside the box.

With Easter coming up, I grabbed a few Easter themed books for my nieces .  So I wanted to make some Easter bookmarks for them, too.  I designed bunny shaped bookmarks in Design Space.  The bunny shapes were cut out of colorful cardstock and I completed the bookmarks with bunny tails cut out of white sticker cardstock.

I made sure to make extras to leave in the Little Free Library.  If you’re not sharing these with your community, you could also personalize them.  Just add some text to the bookmarks in Design Space, pop a marker or pen in your machine, and draw names on the bookmarks!

Easter Bunny Bookmarks

Books make a great non-candy basket filler.  If you’re adding a book or two to Easter baskets, create a couple of these super cute bookmarks to go with them!  They’re easy to make and the bunny ears look adorable sticking out of the top of books!

Easter Bunny Bookmarks Design Space screenshot.

I started making these bookmarks by welding together a simple rectangular shape with a bunny shape in design space.  Then, I added a white cottontail to the design.  I duplicated the bunny shaped bookmarks and tails and made each bookmark a different color.

Purple cardstock Easter bunny bookmarks being cut on a Cricut Maker.

White cardstock sticker bunny tails being cut on a Cricut Maker.

Then, it was time to cut!  I cut each shape out of different color cardstock.  The tails were cut out of white sticker cardstock so I could just stick them onto the bookmarks.

Easter Bunny Bookmarks and sticker cardstock on a cutting mat.

Once all of the bookmarks and bunny tails were cut, I removed them from the cardstock.  Then, I peeled the bunny tail shapes off their backing and stuck them onto the bookmarks.

Easter Bunny Bookmarks flat lay photo.

And that’s all there is to it!  Now, I’m going to pop them in some books and the next time I see my nieces, they’ll have some Easter reads complete with new bookmarks!



  1. Open the bookmark design file in Design Space.
  2. If necessary, resize the images.  Then, click “make it” to continue.
  3. Follow the prompts on screen to cut the sticker cardstock and each color cardstock.
  4. Once all of the cardstock has been cut, place a white tail on each bunny bookmark.
  5. The bookmarks are now ready to be used or placed in Easter baskets!

Easter Bunny Bookmarks sitting in an Easter basket with Easter children's books.

So if you’re looking for one last basket filler for Easter, consider a book and one of these bunny bookmarks!  They’re so easy to make, they’ll be multiplying like – well, rabbits!

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Easter Bunny Bookmarks pinnable image.

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