20 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

April 22, 2021

If you’re looking to do something green for the planet this Earth Day, consider replacing some of your everyday items with these eco-friendly products!

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Today is Earth Day!  It’s a great day to educate yourself about environmental causes, practice conservation, and do something “green” for the planet. I usually celebrate Earth Day by cleaning out the garden or planting something new.  But there is another simple way you can celebrate Earth Day – by making simple eco-friendly swaps in your home!

Over the years, we have embraced some eco-friendlier changes in our home. We collect rain water to water our plants and keep our fruit and veggie scraps and coffee grounds for composting.  I’ve made my own cleaners and insect repellents using natural ingredients.  We cut down on plastic by using a Brita water pitcher to refill reusable bottles. And we’ve also opted for glass containers and mason jars instead of plastic ones for storage.

20 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Honestly, one simple swap can make a big difference!  So if you’re looking for some eco-friendly swaps you can make this year, check out the product list below!  Most of these are everyday items you’re probably using anyway!

  1. Reusable Food Storage Bags
  2. Beeswax Food Wraps
  3. Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes
  4. Solid Shampoo Bar
  5. Natural Bar Soap
  6. Biodegradable Hair Brush
  7. Reusable Mesh and Muslin Produce Bags
  8. Energy Saver Light Bulbs
  9. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sponges
  10. Reusable Swedish Dish Cloths
  11. Washable Unpaper Towels
  12. Natural Liquid Dish Soap Refill
  13. Refillable Glass Dish Soap Dispenser
  14. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Razor (One Tree Planted for Every Razor Sold)
  15. Biodegradable Veggie Straws
  16. Glass Water Bottle
  17. Water Filter Pitcher
  18. Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids
  19. Biodegradable Trash Bags
  20. Eco Doggy Waste Bags

Along with gardening, I’ve already added a refillable dish soap dispenser to our kitchen.  I have also recently become a fan of non-toxic hydrogen peroxide cleaners. What eco-friendly products will you be adding to your home this year?


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