Escaping the Noise

May 15, 2011

We are having new siding being put up on our house.  One more day and it should be finished.  Yesterday morning I was home to listen to it.  Mike left the house early to help my dad put the boat in the water and go fishing.  I had a mental to-do list going.  I sat down to write a letter and tried to keep my patience through all of the banging outside of the house.  I couldn’t take it much more around 11.  I got ready and went to my parents’ house.  I helped my sisters clean up before taking them out with me for the afternoon.

I decided to do my food shopping for the week, but I wasn’t in the food for local shopping.  We took a drive down to Colts Neck to visit Delicious Orchards.  We got lunch at the Cider Cafe and then headed inside to the market.  I made the mistake of going in without much of a list.  I needed lunch meats, chicken and peppers.  I also told my mother I would pick her up an apple pie.  Before stopping at the pie counter, I picked up apple cider donuts.  Once I got to the pie counter, I spent too much time looking around.  Not only did I get my mother her pie, I bought cute little single serve pies for me and Mike.  Mike got an apple crumb and I got a peach pie.  I got the peppers on my list and then my eyes were wandering around the produce section.  Summer fruits are starting to make their arrival!  I bought apricots, peaches, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes on the vine, crowns of broccoli and an eggplant.  I bought my father an apple fritter from the Fritter Shack on the way out and we made our way back to Livoti’s.

I told myself that I was going to only shop for the meats I needed at Livoti’s.  The Italian market always reels me in for more every time!  I bought corn on the cob and then stopped at the deli counter for lunch meats.  While I was standing there, I saw whole wheat flax seed wraps and threw them in my cart.  We passed the fresh mozzarella counter and I can’t leave Livoti’s without picking up a fresh ball of cheese.  I bought our chicken and shrimp and two containers of roasted red peppers.  I didn’t buy too much in excess, but we’ve definitely got a fully stocked fridge!  Before leaving the shopping strip we got Italian ices.  I had the most delicious Nutella flavored ice!  Chocolate and hazelnut flavored ice with real chunks of hazelnut and chocolate bits mixed in it.  So unbelievably good! 

I dropped my sisters off and headed back to my house.  Mike was home.  I worked on some mail and then made dinner.  We took our bikes out for the first time of the year last night and went through a bike ride through a wooded/park area nearby.  Despite the webs and bugs we encountered, it was a nice cool ride.  We saw a deer drinking on the river bank and it just started to rain on the ride home.  Today is going to be an easy going day and later we’ll be spending it at my parents’ house.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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