Everything Alice + DIY Alice in Wonderland Sharpie Mug

January 31, 2014

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After my sisters gave me the Everything Oz book for Christmas, I searched for similar craft books.  The creators of the Oz book made an Everything Alice book.  This book features Alice in Wonderland themed projects from toys, home decor, recipes and more!  The projects include detailed instructions and gorgeous photos!

It wouldn’t be Wonderland without a tea inspired project!  You’ll find many of them in the book, but I’m sharing a DIY for an Alice in Wonderland inspired mug.  There are a ton of Sharpie mug tutorials on Pinterest.  Some methods use Mod Podge to seal the Sharpie marker.  I used the oven.  Make sure the mug you choose to design is oven-safe. 

Wash and dry your mug.  When your mug is completely dry, draw your design.  I drew the string and tag of a teabag. The “10/6” represents the tag in the Mad Hatter’s hat.  At the bottom of the mug I wrote “drink me” in script.  

Once you’ve drawn your design, place the mug in your oven and set it to 350º.  Don’t preheat the oven.  Keep it in there for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and let cool.  Once the oven cools down, take your mug out.  Your design should be sealed and shouldn’t scratch when washed.

I found a whole stash of white mugs in the back of our cabinet so this could become a dangerous little project!  I might make a whole collection of mugs from my favorite stories!

I love projects like this.  They don’t take a lot of time or effort and you probably have everything you need already in your home.
Other Alice in Wonderland inspired designs:
– Cheshire Cat eyes and grin
– Rabbit ears
– Teapot
– Pocket watch
– Mushroom and the word “eat me”
– Card suits
– Mad Hatter’s hat
I regret to inform you that my cute little Alice mug is no more.  I broke it in an olive oil bottle accident yesterday. Good thing for that stash of white mugs in the cabinet, huh?


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