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May 25, 2012

It has been such a fun start to the holiday weekend! 

– I came home from work last night to find some really fun mail.  I got NYLON’s newest issue with Shirley Manson on the cover!  I was so excited to see her grace the cover.  It brought me back to the 90’s.

– I got a retirement card from a friend with one of her sketches on the envelope.  I love being congratulated on my “early retirement.”  I’m slightly excited to feel like a “starving artist” again.  I was poor back then, but I was creating and that made me happy.

– I’ve been cleaning out my desk and took down some things I had hanging on my wall.  One was a picture of Britney Spears, bald headed and attacking a car with an umbrella–you remember how it went.  Poor Brit, Brit.  Anyway, the caption says, “If Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through today.”  Inspiration at its best.  My girl is now hanging on our fridge.

– Today was an absolutely fabulous start to the holiday weekend!  I had a nail appointment this morning and got my nails painted in L’Oreal’s “Tangerine Crush.”  It’s a great spring/summer orange.  It’s not too bright, but definitely stands out.

– Then I picked up my cousin and we headed downtown for an afternoon out.  Our first stop was Bath Junkie.  It’s like the bath and body lover’s candy store!  You can create your very own signature scents and body products.  So my cousin and I had playtime, smelling scents and deciding on products and colors.  I made strawberry and banana passion bath salt scrub in a pretty coral color.  I can’t wait to go back and make more products!

– My cousin then treated me to Qdoba for bringing her into town.  I had an absolutely delicious mango salad with grilled chicken.  It totally inspired me to pick up a jar of mango salsa and make my own salad at home.  I never would have thought of salsa on a salad, but it was delicious!

– After lunch we headed over to Alan’s Orchard so she could pick up her fresh box of locally grown goodies.  I picked up a vegan mixed berry muffin (I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!), sea salt caramels, turkey bacon and feta and spinach chicken sausage. 

– We grabbed Starbucks and headed home, not before digging into the box for a locally grown strawberry.  I think I had a strawberry-gasm at first bite.

Mike and I are having pizza at his parents’ house tonight, then heading to the mall (I love when we date like teenagers).  Tomorrow I’ll have the morning into afternoon to myself.  I’m going to do a little grocery shopping, prepare some food for Sunday’s family barbecue and then indulge in a little deck time. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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