Exciting News!

January 12, 2012

Very exciting news! I am a newly engaged woman!!!  Here’s the engagement story:
Mike had a sore back so he went to bed.  I went to make sure he was okay and laid down beside him to keep him company.  He had his arm around me while I was lying on my back.  He moved away for a minute and when he turned back, he had put the ring box on my stomach.  Like any normal girl would do, I freaked out!  So I, of course, took the ring and he put it on me.  That’s it! 
I know he had mentioned something about a “symbol,” but I was honestly too excited and giving him kisses to remember his exact words (isn’t that horrible?).  Mike did tell me that he chose last night because 1/11 was a date he could remember for years to come.  I’m officially going to marry my best friend and best love.  I couldn’t be happier!  And I must add that he did well with the ring.  It’s everything I could ever want and more!
We haven’t planned out any details yet because it just happened.  I’m just soaking up the moment right now and trying to get used to having a ring on my finger.  I never really wore rings before, but I think I can get used to this!


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