20 Magical DIY Fairy Gardens to Enchant Your Home

April 13, 2018

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Add a little magic to your yard with one of these magical DIY fairy gardens!  Kids and adults will both enjoy creating these enchanted mini worlds!

We’re just about a month away from officially starting our summer garden!  Kind of crazy considering that we still had snow on the ground last week!  We’ve been anxiously planning the veggies and fruit that we’ll be growing this year.  We already put a spinach plant in a barrel and cleaned out our strawberry box.  While we wait for the official start to gardening season, I’ve been working on our curb appeal.  I’ve added some solar accents around the yard and greenery to empty pots.  Another great way to add color inside and outside of your home is by making a fairy garden.  The beauty about fairy gardens is that they’re great for kids of any age and you don’t necessarily need plants to make one!

I made my first fairy garden a couple years ago.  From then on, I was hooked!  I’ve always loved fairies, so the idea of creating enchanted, little worlds for them in a garden was quite charming to me.  After my niece saw a picture of my teacup fairy garden, she mentioned wanting to make one.  I might have to set that up one weekend for us to do!  I mean, I definitely have enough fairy figurines and accessories to make it happen!  And with the fairy garden projects below, we certainly have enough inspiration to choose from!  I hope you get inspired to bring a little magic into your garden this Spring with these DIY fairy gardens!


Have you ever made a fairy garden before?

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