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June 22, 2016

Redbook Magazine July 2016

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat the past month, I have been a total tease when it comes to a big, blog secret I’ve been keeping. Well, today’s the day of my big reveal! Living La Vida Holoka has been featured in the July 2016 edition of Redbook Magazine!  I cannot begin to tell you about how excited I am over this!  In personal and blog achievements, this one is major for me!  

In college, I had dreamed of working in fashion and publishing.  I was thisclose to an internship at a major magazine publication, but the fit wasn’t right for me at the time.  I may not have written an article for a magazine, but having my name in print feels pretty damn close right now!

DIY Pool Noodle Floating Cooler So how did this happen?

As you may know, I contribute a couple posts a month to Hello Nature, my friend Ashley’s blog.  Last Summer, I contributed a fun Pool Noodle Floating Cooler DIY project.  Someone from Redbook recently contacted Ashley about using the project in a “Summer fun” story.  Then, Ashley contacted me for the go-ahead.  From there, I was partially swept into the world I had so longingly wanted to be a part of!

I was told the issue would be out mid-June.  After about a full week of stalking Barnes & Noble (and just about every other store in the area), I finally found the issue yesterday in CVS and purchased every single copy.  After this past week, I’m pretty sure I can never show my face in Barnes & Noble again!

Craft a Floating Cooler - Redbook Magazine July 2016

Summer issues of magazines are always really fun and perfect for days at the beach or hanging poolside (hopefully now with your floating cooler)!  I’m so happy to be included in Redbook’s “57 Ideas for Totally Free Summer Fun” article.  The entire issue is full of really great content!  I’ve seen dresses I want to buy, recipes I want to make, and I really want to be friends with Lauren Conrad and throw parties with her!

Speaking of LC, I was really pleased (and somewhat relieved) to see that Lauren Conrad was on the cover!  I never watched Laguna Beach or The Hills, but I became a big Lauren Conrad fan when she started writing her book series.  Even more so when she launched her website!  Seriously, LC – call me!

I am forever grateful for the opportunities blogging has given me.  If I can inspire even one person to make or create, I’ve done my job.  So thank you for supporting Living La Vida Holoka throughout the years! 

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