Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break

June 26, 2015

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Ska vi Fika? The Swedish Art of the Coffee Break.

Do you ever go through a funk where you just need to be alone for a while?  I had started to read Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break a few weeks ago.  The Swedish don’t merely drink coffee and get back to work.  They use their coffee break as a daily occasion to take a timeout.  They enjoy what’s in their cup with a baked good, either alone or with a friend, at home or while traveling.
I took a note from the Swedes and decided one particular morning to take a timeout before my day had even begun.  Sometimes, the only way to get yourself out of a funk is to force yourself out of it.  So I decided to put on a pretty dress and head downtown.  I got some necessary shopping out of the way and then decided to pause my morning by taking some time out for myself.
I took myself on a coffee date and treated myself to an iced coffee with a petite vanilla bean scone.  It was a beautiful morning so I looked for an empty table outside.  I sat at the last available table sipping my coffee and enjoying my scone.  I watched people walk up and down the sidewalk and listened to a group of moms gossip at a table next to me.  
When I was finished, I decided to visit a friend who runs a local shop.  I enjoyed the walk there, the visit, and the new items I picked up for myself and my husband.  This trip reminded me that we don’t have to rush through our mornings.  We can take time to enjoy even the simplest things, like running errands, before getting back to an ever-seemingly fast-paced life.  
Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break
Fika is a reminder to slow down more often, to enjoy a moment by yourself, or share it with a friend.  The basis behind this book is to make your coffee break your own.  It even inspires you to whip up a treat for your timeout with recipes for sweet baked goods, bread and more. I happened to make syltgrotter, thumbprint cookies, a couple weeks ago.  They’re a buttery cookie base filled with berry jam.  It’s a cookie I’ll definitely be making again once I start making my homemade blackberry jam!

So ska vi Fika?  Shall we Fika?


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